Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Silina Paper Jewellery

How pretty is this silver and paper jewelry made by Silina Pandelidou of Paros Island in Greece?!  The colors have me longing to be at a summery seaside location, just the way I imagine a beach near her home must look.

handmade silver and paper earrings

Silina says she begins by making a small sketch of whatever is wandering around in her mind... it might be nature-inspired such as perfect shells and flowers or even shapeless, organic forms. At times she lets the metal choose the path, at others she shapes the border to follow the sketch.

handmade silver and paper bracelet

 handmade silver and paper necklace

"For the purpose of antithesis but also for balance I use paper, a material which feels as if it holds me by the hand. The paper fibers create an environment where I can play around with the colours of nature and the canvas on which I can narrate my stories."

handmade silver and paper necklace

She studied graphic design and then bookbinding in Seville. Later she began imagining metal books, so learned to work with metal in Florence. But instead of books she began making jewelry.

"From now on I could blend paper and metal in order to tell my stories in the form of small, precious objects."

handmade silver and paper brooch

Some of the pieces strike me as retro modern and all are stylishly sophisticated.

handmade silver and paper necklace

She told me she cuts and adheres paper to the metal, paints it, and then seals the paint with varnish so the piece is waterproof.

handmade silver and paper earrings

Silina's jewelry is sold throughout Greece and at several stockists in Europe. Contact her directly via Silinarte.

This is not a sponsored post; they will always be labelled as such. I just happen to love Silina's work!


Maureen said...

Lovely work! Beautiful colors.

Handmade in Israel said...

Absolutely stunning pieces. I would love to wear any - actually all - of these!

Meg said...

I just love her work!! Beautiful.

Έφη said...

She's amazing!!!

SUGANTHI said...

Stunning designs!!!!

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

I love the colors and the shapes. Beautiful!

Patricia Schwab said...

Love the necklace! Could you get her to show how she seals the paper or more info on the paint and varnish.

Melissa Kojima said...

Just beautiful. I never would have thought paper and silver metal would work so wonderfully together.

Fran Traina said...

this is beautiful jewelry. What a great idea! the colors are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I love the bright summery colours of Silina's jewellery. Beautiful neckpieces and earrings...my favourite is the bracelet. I would have never guessed it was paper with the metal!i loved reading about Silina's process.

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