Wednesday, January 24, 2018

15 DIY Stylish Paper Jewelry Projects

Because I've been blogging at All Things Paper since 2009, there are many posts (nearly 1100!) that have become buried with time, yet still include tons of useful ideas and information for the paper art/paper craft buff. So here's the first in a series of posts I will be assembling to bring perhaps new-to-you, evergreen content to the light of day.

We'll start off with a clickable list of all of the free, step by step paper jewelry tutorials I've shared over the years. Click the link under each photo (not the photo itself) to see the full project.









I hope this will get you started on the path to making lots of pretty jewelry for yourself and/or to give as gifts!

The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry

Looking for even more ideas? You'll find twenty completely new jewelry designs in my book, The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry.

You'll find the second installment of the round up series here: 24 Altered Books, Folded Books, and Paper Sculptures Made from Books.


SUGANTHI said...

I have not seen so many of these tutorials thanks Ann for this post I truly enjoyed going over your unique methods.

Sande said...

So many pretty things. I remember seeing a few but not all of them so thank you for the review.

Ann Martin said...

Thanks Suganthi! Your comment as a longtime reader makes me extra glad I've started this new series.

DreamyPosy - Paper Flower tutorials said...

Wow, those are adorable creativities.

Ann Martin said...

I'm glad you like them, thanks Dreamy!

Ann Martin said...

Thanks Sande! I'm happy you like the projects.

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