Friday, September 18, 2009

When Art Surprises...

Anastassia Elias is a French painter and illustrator who does some pretty fascinating cut paper collages using... of all things... empty toilet paper rolls. This one is titled Grandmother. Just tiny bits of mundane cardboard, but I love the way her fine cuts bring scenes to life.

And here is School.
Enjoy more of Anastassia's work on her website, including lovely torn paper and newsprint collages like Square...
and Passants
Now then, ahem, since toilet paper is already out of the closet for today... I must admit I wasn't aware of toilet paper origami. It even has a name... toilegami.Perhaps we're all familiar with the triangle fold, but I bet the more intricate designs would go a long way in wowing house guests. Learn how via DIYMaven's post for

And who knew? There's even an entire stylish book on the subject!

(Thanks to fellow Twitterers margaretroach and howaboutorange for these finds.)


  1. Oh, man! Those toilet paper rolls are amazing! What a surprise!

  2. Amazing tubes of art - wow! And the rose on the front of that book is killing me!!

  3. Love the toilet paper origami!! That is too cool for words.

  4. Amazing finds! Bet the guests use the roll under the sink, for fear of wreaking the wonderful toilegami!

  5. What a wonderful blog!!!

    My eyes say: Thank you, Ann!!!

    Kisses from Olinda, Brazil!

  6. I haven't been able to visit for a few weeks Ann but am absolutely amazed by the wonderful things you have been blogging - especially the origami dresses and toilet tube scenes - love them. Thanks so my for inspiring us.

  7. LOL on the toilet paper origami! Love the toilet paper tube art!



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