Paper Lighting by Hannah Nunn

I'm all for getting out of frigid Dodge today... err, Delaware, to take a virtual trip to the town of Hebden Bridge located in West Yorkshire, England - not that winter is any less icy there - but I would like to meet paper artist, Hannah Nunn, and have a leisurely look around her warmly lit shop, Radiance, [edit: the shop has closed, but she is now creating in a new studio] where she displays her line of beautiful paper cut lamps and shades.

paper cylinder lantern with pierced allium flower
paper cylinder lantern with pierced allium bloom

Raised as a city girl, Hannah studied at Carmarthen College in West Wales where she fell in love with the local countryside. As a result, the botanical world has inspired many of her designs... first via a line of paper cut greeting cards sold in places like Harrods and Paperchase, and later, the lights she makes today.

paper cylinder lantern with paper cut tulips

Just five years ago, Hannah opened the Radiance boutique and workspace where she makes and features her lamps, as well as eye-catching lights and other items handmade by more than thirty designers, many of whom work with paper.

colorful fairy bird lights made of paper
Bird Fairy Lights by Joanna Coupland - paper mache

pair of colorful tissue paper lily standing lights
Small Lily Lamps by Colin Chetwood  - colored tissue paper shades

lighted white paper magnolia fairy lights in twisted branches
Majestic Magnolia Fairy Lights by Anna Tayler - handmade paper

perforated colorful paper flower lights
Sunnys by EarthFriendly - tissue paper

Hannah sometimes uses laser cutting technology in addition to her original hand cut method to make the most delicate designs, as well as ease her fingers.

string of paper lanterns on display
Cut Paper Lantern Garland

Recently she has been designing wall panels... they're still in the experimental stage, but this will give you a taste of what's to come... dazzling!

paper cut floral wall panel with light behind it
Hedgerow Wall Panel

Hannah's lamps can be found in many U.K. craft shops and in her Etsy shop [edit: now it exclusively features her wallpaper].

paper light with paper cut daisies design

I enjoy Hannah's blog because her enthusiasm is contagious - she's always brimming with new ideas.

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