Quilled Minifolk

Connecticut's Rebecca Jackson is a college student who first learned to quill the way so many of us do, by making pretty flowers. But when she needed small figures as characters for a video, she tried her hand at rolling strips of paper to create tiny 3-D people. Minifolk

Becca's terrific video, by the way, was one of the top finalists in Etsy's Handmade Moment Contest. Filmmakers and animators competed to make the most creative thirty second Etsy commercial. Go ahead, watch Becca's entry, and then watch it again. It's that good! Notice that not only are the people made of paper, but all of the props are as well.

After the video met with such success, Becca opened a new Etsy shop called Minifolk, from which she sells her little four inch paper cuties. Elpy is her original shop; it features handmade jewelry and accessories.
Bryce the Punk Boy (Ha! He makes me smile. Check out those muscles! That hair! The necklace!)Wetherby the Gnome
Brogan the Leprechaun

Becca would be happy to create custom designs that look a lot like you or your family and friends.

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