Friday, May 14, 2010

MegaCrafty Tries Quilling

To finish out a quilling trifecta this week here at all things paper, take a look at these cards made by Meg, another brand new quiller. Guess what? They are her very first quilled projects ever - further proof that you don't have to be an expert to make something that will knock the recipient's socks off!I love the way Meg chose to make designs that aren't routinely seen in kits and books. She just gathered simple supplies from around the house and dove in, inspired by the bold graphics on some ribbon strips and swirly vellum. That's one of the things about quilling that intrigues me... even without special tools, each of us can bring something unique to the creative table.
If you've been thinking of giving quilling a try, I bet you'll be surprised at the results. Cut strips of paper from whatever you have on hand. While rolling coils, be thinking about the way you'd like to arrange them, and then see what falls into place when you faff about with a layout. Your shapes may not be perfect at first - like anything, quilling takes practice - but chances are good you'll come up with something quite special and all your own.

Visit Meg's blog, Mega•Crafty for lots of great ideas, including a recent tutorial on paper making. She says she never met a craft she didn't like!


  1. I've just caught up on the three brilliant posts there have been on your blog since I've been away! All very inspiring ... thanks for sharing!

  2. страхотни са нещата!Възхитена съм от вашите работи

  3. Thanks for featuring my cards today Ann!

  4. Thanks ladies and Meg, you're very welcome. By the way, Addii's comment for you translates as:

    things are great! am delighted by your work

  5. имате наградка при мен

  6. So pretty! And as much as I love curling paper around, I'm finding so much inspiration on your blog for my embroidery, too! On mine you mentioned the internet being a rabbit trail of inspiration -- oh yes! and it leads me right down into the rabbit hole of spending time in the studio regularly!


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