More Quilled Lettering!

Ready for some more fab lettering? Today's examples were created by a quilling newbie who was inspired by Yulia Brodskaya, as was Kara from Monday's post about her quilled monogram.

Erin Casner quilled Everything is Awesome as her very first project! While expecting a baby, she wanted to make colorful wall art for the nursery. Not having proper quilling paper and tools certainly didn't stop her...

Erin snipped the end off the eye of a needle to use as a rolling tool and cut strips of lightweight cardstock from her stash. She says she learned a few lessons from this piece - such as making the lettering larger than just an inch tall (larger makes it easier to be more precise) and using colored paper instead of white for the letters.
Consider these rainbow paloozas as Erin calls them - love that! - as further proof that sensational quilled designs, worthy of being hung as framed pieces, can be created even by those who are brand new to quilling.

Next, Erin made this Imagine piece, also for the baby's room. I love the positive messages of her work and have a feeling they'll help her new son to grow up as a cheerful little guy.

This nice big C is her most recent piece for the nursery. Truly hooked on paper filigree, Erin says sometimes before falling asleep she sees visions of quilling and pictures what she'll make next. I have to say, "Been there, done that!" It's such a great feeling when the creative wheels are turning... I think you'll find the more you do anything art-related, ideas really start to flow.

Follow Erin's adventures via her blog, Schmancy-ness [edit: no longer available].

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