Card Making for Men - Quilled, No Frills

Designing cards for guys can be tricky, especially if you like to quill (usually flowers dominate the scene), so here's an idea for the next time a card is needed for any male/any occasion. Father's Day, birthday, graduation, retirement - just change the sentiment.

The quilling reminds me of a compass, fitting for all those events that lead one in a new direction. A stress-free way to line up coils for this design, as well as when making quilled snowflakes, is to assemble them on a clear, acrylic sheet placed overtop a sheet of graph paper.

My pattern is in the May issue of CardMaker Magazine, along with additional fab quilled designs by Alli Bartkowski and Charlotte Canup. The issue features lots of other cardmaking techniques as well. I have an extra copy and would love to send it to a lucky reader. To enter, leave a comment by the end of Monday, May 24 and I'll randomly select a winner the next day.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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