Cuttlebug Quilling Dies - Flower Headband

Here's a sweet idea for a summer headband from the Mixology Crafts blog at Provo Craft. I can just imagine how cute a little flower girl would look wearing it on her way down a wedding aisle.The flowers and leaves are examples of what the new Cuttlebug quilling dies can do... true, these embellishments are made of thin embossing metal rather than paper, but a lightweight metallic cardstock or sculpture paper would be just as nice.A strip of paper or metal is run through the Cuttlebug along with a quilling die and is then simply rolled up to make a flower - that's it! If you'd like to add a bit of dimension for a more realistic look, shape each petal and leaf by placing it on something spongy like a mouse pad, and rubbing it in a circular motion with an embossing stylus or an implement with a rounded end, perhaps a paintbrush handle or small dowel.
The flowers and leaves are glued to a ribbon-wrapped headband and accented with pretty beads. Find the complete PDF How To at the Mixology site.

And here's a brand new video tutorial in which Kathleen Green of the New Zealand Scrapbook Company demonstrates just how easy it is to use the Cuttlebug dies.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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