Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Hoop

I frequently check in with Betz White's blog as she's always posting something fun. She and I generally travel in different worlds - hers is sweater soft. Betz makes all sorts of delightful things from felted wool - pincushions, for example, as shown on the cover of one of her books.

But recently this lovely mix of pretty and creepy caught my eye.

It's a quick project made with simple materials, which to my way of thinking is the very best sort. Just paint an embroidery hoop black, add a piece of lace and a fake spider - you'll have yourself a cleverly elegant Halloween decoration in no time.

If you'd like to recreate Betz's nifty idea with a quilled spider instead of a store bought version, here's my tutorial on how to make this leggy black widow... shudder!

Another blog I'd like to give props to today is i made it so. Ana and I first struck up a conversation via Twitter as she and her young daughter have been learning to quill together. She recently posted a three part quilling series and kindly included my work, but aside from that, I think you might enjoy the variety of topics she features, as well as her engaging way with words.


  1. That quilled spider is brilliant! You know that there will be a lot of these popping up all over my house this October.

  2. I can see why you were drawn to the spider on the lace - very striking.

    Ana from 'i made it so' shows that maybe I could have a go at that black widow - after all!

  3. Always a pleasure to see your work ,Ann. The spider tutorial is great . I will ask my son to try it out .He liked it a lot.

  4. I loved the lace idea!
    Your spider is great, I'd love to try it, I just need to practice quilling a little more before I can make it!

  5. That is such a clever idea for a halloween decoration. Thanks for including how to make the spider. I think I'll give one a try.

  6. ann, i came here and was about to comment that i adore the lacy spider web. we have a number of small embroidery hoops left over from our dream catcher project and what a fun and timely way to use them up... but imagine my delight in seeing my blog mentioned. thank you! it has been a pleasure getting to know you.

  7. I love her book also and have been wanting to give it a try!! Your spidy is too real looking, eewww!!!! But if I ever need to quill one I will give yours a go!


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