Must-See Altered Books and Paper Carving

Artist Kylie Stillman engraves books and stacks of paper as if they are blocks of stone.

Silver Banksia, 2010, paper carving, 6,000 sheets of computer paper and wood base, 56 x 40 x 30 cm

Starburst Winter Wren, 2009, paper carving, printed paper, diameter 13.5 cm

With textures so inviting, I imagine running my fingers across the nooks and crannies of Kylie's ethereal tree and bird sculptures.

Common Oak, 2007, book carving

Semiformal reminds me of a fossil.

Semiformal, 2004, book carving

Gorgeous birds in flight.

Flock, 2007, Installation Meat Market
 Flock, 2007, detail

Little Room, 2007, Installation Meat Market 
photography David Marks

The beautifully lit piece, above, is a red maple plywood sculpture.

Kylie studied studied Fine Art - Painting at RMIT, Melbourne. She's a frequent exhibitor and is represented by Utopia Art Sydney, Australia.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Layered cut paper?! Ann, you're singin' my song! These are mouth-watering. Thank you, as always, for introducing us to such awesome artists and their work.

  2. fantastic, stunning artwork! thanks for sharing anne :D

  3. So cool, I'd love to read an interview from the artist and learn more about her background and techniques.

  4. What amazing talent ! the flock of birds look perfect and the winter wren , carved beautifully.Thanks for sharing.

  5. How amazing! Presumably she glues all the pages together in some way first?

  6. Kylie's paper sculptures are just amazing!!!

  7. Wow - that blows my mind! Fantastic, Ann, thanks for finding all these amazing artists!

  8. Thanks for the comments, everyone.

    Meg and Philippa, I'm curious about Kylie's technique too. Perhaps the pages/books are glued or she might compress them in a vise while she does the carving.

  9. These are fantastic, thank you!


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