Screen Printing and Paper Cutting with Retro Flair

While perusing the internet for Christmas gifts, I stumbled upon Etsy's Vitamini, which happens to be one of the most perfect plays on a word ever. You see, it's a shop filled with a cohesive array of hand screen printed paper and fabric products that all relate to the adorable Mini Cooper car. Because someone on my gift list is a proud Mini owner, I had a good feeling that whatever I chose would be akin to the Holy Grail. Score!
Vitamini card
Vitamini's owner, Casey Starks of California, is a landscape architect with a passion for crafting and decorating in her spare time. She admits she's been enamored by Mini Coopers ever since she was a little girl and could stand up in her uncle's tiny car, pretending it was an apartment. When Casey purchased her own Mini, she was inspired to create screen printed designs that would appeal to other Mini Cooper owners.
Vitamini gift tags
If you're like me... rather hazy on how to actually do screen printing, I asked Casey to tell us how she got started and what's involved.
Vitamini cards
"I grew up doing tons of arts and crafts and have always been interested in learning new techniques. My mom did some screen printing in college and when she described it to me, it seemed like it would be right up my crafting alley. In January, 2008 I bought a simple Speedball screen printing kit on ebay and just jumped in!"
Vitamini notebooks
"I had no idea what I was doing, but through a bit of trial and error, I quickly got the hang of it. Once I got started I wanted to print on everything in sight. I was hooked! The process that goes into preparing a screen, from stretching the fabric, to coating the screen and exposing the design, makes the finished print that much more special. Maybe because so many things can go wrong along the way! Sometimes things work out perfectly and other times they don't, but I enjoy the challenge."
Vitamini Mini Cooper print
Casey has another shop too... this one is vitaMODERN, where all of the hand screen printed items reflect her admiration for mid-century design. Think retro and Mad Men.
VitaModern paper cutting
VitaMODERN is where I discovered Casey is also a talented paper cutter. This screen printed tea towel, for instance, features one of her original cuttings.
Vitamodern tea towel
I spent an enjoyable portion of New Year's Day reading Casey's Vitamini Handmade blog all the way back to the beginning - it's not often I do something like that! Well worth the time, as I came across her excellent how-to on paper cutting for beginners. She's planning a similar one for screen printing.
Toaster paper cutting
Vitamini is also on Facebook and Twitter. A giveaway for two packages of Box-Envelopes, perfect for mailing dimensional cards, is on 'til this Sunday, January 8. If you've been having difficulty leaving a comment, try using the Anonymous option and include your name and contact info within your comment.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. The paper cut toaster looks so good. Looks like just the project for beginners. Thanks for the link to the how- to .

  2. The paper cuts are adorable. Similar art form at India is known as Sanjhi art and is an ancient one.At an exhibition , I happened to see the intricate and beautiful works of this artist Mr Ram ( )

  3. Thanks for the link, Geetha... Mr Ram's work is so intricate.

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely write-up, Ann! And thanks for the sweet comments. I just got into papercutting recently and it is very addicting. If you'd like to give it a try I recommend having a few fresh blades on-hand and taking your time.

  5. Really cute prints and cuts. I love both paper cutting and screen printing... plus I know a proud mini owner so these are all right up my alley.

  6. she's very talented. I'll have to go check out her shops and blog

  7. Love all the unique gift ideas in her store. And that tea towel is adorable! I will check out the tutorial. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Anne your blog has been a source of inspiration to a lot of people like me... thanks...
    And a very very happy new year!!

    I am doing a round up of 2011 and all the amazing blogs I came across. I would like to mention your blog too. I would like to ask your permission before that.
    Please reply .....

  9. Delightful designs, I love both of her shops!

  10. thank you for visiting my blog. I'm getting inspiration from your blog!

  11. So cool! I have a friend who is obsessed with those little cars, so I'll have to forward this to her.


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