Cross Stitching on Paper - Springtime Centerpiece

Back in my counted cross stitch phase I made these rabbits as part of a spring centerpiece, and still enjoy getting them out each year, along with a bowl of blown eggs saved from Easter egg decorating sessions.

You might be wondering where the paper-y part of this post is... oh yes, a bit of paper is involved! The rabbits are stitched on ovals cut from glimmering gold perforated paper and are backed with patterned wallpaper.

Of course the mention of rabbits is never more appropriate than at this time of year. Last spring in fact, a rabbit decided to build her nest smack in the center of our front lawn to the delight of the neighborhood kids. How it was noticed still amazes me, except that children have built-in radar for these sorts of things, don't they?!

In case you've never seen a bunny nest (I hadn't), this unimpressive little bit of fluff is what one looks like. It's an extremely shallow hollow in the ground, just an indentation really, a couple of inches deep. The mother doesn't stay there - instead, she steers clear to avoid bringing attention to the nest. Every now and then, we would notice her hovering over it while she nursed her pair of bunnies.

How those babies stayed warm despite early spring snow, cold April showers, and curious little fingers lifting away the covering of fur and grass bits for frequent peeks I'm not sure, but somehow they did. Here's proof the babies left the nest after a few weeks, and joined Mama Rabbit to munch on our tender hostas and bumper crop of clover. (Bun #2 was nearby, not to worry.)

bun with mum

Okay, I'll admit it... the whole reason for this post was just to show you the above picture. All together now... awww

Wishing you a happy spring or autumn, depending where you are on the planet!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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