Sculptured Paper Typography by Bianca Chang

If you love paper and happen to be in Sydney, Australia next week, you're in luck! The A4 Paper Festival, a series of installations, workshops and lectures presented by the The Paper Convention Collective, will be held at The Paper Mill and runs May 31st through June 5th.

Sculptured Paper Typography O

Designer and paper artist, Bianca Chang, is a workshop leader. I would so enjoy learning to create one of the incredibly precise typography sculptures that are her hallmark. Each letter is composed of a stack of paper sheets... 180 make up the perfect O you see above, for example. Designed for the May issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Bianca cut each page from 80 gsm, 100% post consumer waste recycled paper, just a hair different in size than the one before it, which caused the graceful spiralling and shadow effect. And yes, in case you need to brace yourself (as I would), math calculations are involved.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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