Reimagined Cardboard Jewelry by Carton

Yael Gaizler and Aviv Kinel of Israel have taken ordinary cardboard to a new level. These eco-chic earrings have a playful, yet polished look that at first glance reminded me of toy tractor wheels... well, classy toy tractor wheels!

three pairs of corrugated cardboard earrings with gold, black, or silver filler tubes

earrings with gold, black, or silver filler tubes

By combining their fashion and jewelry design expertise, Yael and Aviv have created an eye-catching jewelry collection and named it Carton [site no longer available], which is Hebrew for cardboard.

pair of corrugated cardboard necklace pendants


Kudos to Yael and Aviv for breathing sophisticated life into something that's otherwise headed for the recycling bin. They cut corrugated cardboard into strips, treat it for water resistance, and build each piece of jewelry by hand, connecting likely materials such as silver, gold, and precious stones with unlikely cardboard.

pair of corrugated cardboard stud earrings with gold centers


Carton is represented by I Design, an assemblage of some of the most exciting fashion and industrial designers in Israel. Each item featured by I Design is an art piece, made of fine materials by a qualified artisan.

elegant cardboard semi-circle necklace with onyx stones and gold chain

necklace with onyx beads

I Design will be bringing the Carton collection to the International Gift Fair in New York City in August.

Ann Martin
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