Monday, July 11, 2011

Large-Scale Quilling Spotted in Anthropologie Store Windows

I've written before about the consistently wonderful window and in-store displays you'll find at Anthropologie, the popular clothing and accessory stores for women, where paper is frequently used as a construction material.

Excuse the glass reflections...



Hold on a minute... everything isn't as it seems - that's not paper!

A few weeks ago I received an email from a reader who had happened upon a new display being installed in Anthropologie's windows at a mall here in Delaware. She was excited to tell me how much the decorations looked like large-scale quilling. Yes-yes, they do!


She stopped to chat with the young woman who was doing the installation and asked what she had used to make the rolls. You'll never guess...


Roofing strips from Lowe's!

Originally black, (I'm guessing tar paper) she had spray painted each strip white, and then over-coated with summery shades of blue and green to create an ombré effect. After hot gluing the long lengths together, she rolled them to create graceful filigree designs.


Of course I couldn't wait to go see for myself and snap some pictures. Happily there was a bonus inside the store too... gorgeous, bright poppies made from large sheets of colored tissue paper.


Enormous attention grabbers!


  1. I love the creativity in the choice of materials!

  2. It does look fabulous.Filigree designs do have such intrinsic beauty! The colourful poppies are sure to brighten up any place.

  3. How cool is that. Who would have thought they were roofing strips.

  4. very interesting! thank you for sharing this, dear Ann, with everyone half the world away!

  5. WOW that is really awsome, thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing that, Ann! It is always eye-opening to know what the materials are. What a lot of work! Makes me wonder what they used in the German store. -Karren

  7. That's amazing! Until you said they were roofing strips, I was thinking rolls of wallpaper - but of course wallpaper would not be coloured on both sides! Inspiring!

  8. That is so cool! I've purposefully taken detours to Anthropolgie just to check out their cool window displays. I'm rarely disappointed.

  9. WOW!!! Who would have ever thought to use strips of roofing material??? Absolutely brilliant. And I want to cover my house in giant tissue paper poppies!


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