Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quilled Peacock

I have a small collection of quilling projects that rarely see the light of day. This is mainly due to my aversion to dust collectors. Truth be told, it's the actual dusting aspect I'm not crazy about, not that I mind collections. Therefore I usually stick to quilling fairly useful things like jewelry or wall decor, and keep the few dust magnets I've made under cover.


Lately I've been noticing the abundance of peacocks in the design world, and was reminded that I had this little silver box stowed away. The white with silver-edge paper makes for a very subtle fellow compared to the colorful peacock images we usually see, although apparently all-white, mutant peacocks do exist in nature.

Quilled peacock box

A little story... I enjoy buying fresh produce at a local market that's actually a tiny, working farm right here in the heart of suburbia. I love going there, especially in the summer, because I can park in the shade of a huge, old chestnut tree. Can't find that at the supermarket!


The stone barn market is like a step back in time. A few pens for farm animals surround it, including one which houses an elderly peacock. In typical peacock fashion, he strolls around with his long tail feathers dragging in the dust. All of the sudden though, he's been known to let out a crazy-loud shriek, startling shoppers. Up and out go his bright array of feathers - full of surprises, that peacock!


  1. Gorgeous Ann! So different from the quilled peacocks I have seen.White on white is always a favourite with me.

  2. Since licensing the peacock image reproduced for me in custom hand-embroidery (available through my company Transformational Threads), I too have begun noticing a proliferation of peacocks, perhaps because of their great color opportunities. A friend just opened a new show of bird paintings in which a peacock is the star. And I recently saw a photo of a hybrid in which one side is all white feathers, quite stunning.

    Your quilled peacock is charming.

  3. Unique and beautiful, Ann! Love the silver edged paper of course and your story. I don't like the dusting either (I now use an old-fashion shaving brush :) hugs xo

  4. This is gorgeous, Ann! I love your elegant style.
    And you are full of surprises, too :)

  5. So'Beautiful!
    Groetjes Baukje

  6. This is soooo beautiful and elegant.... your work is always crazy bout ur blog :)

  7. Your peacock is so pretty. I like the sound of that market, a much nicer way to shop than in a grocery store.

  8. Ann, what a lovely story for a summer day! Thank you for sharing the market with us - and especially for that beautiful peacock. I quilled a colorful one recently, but now I want to try a monochrome one! Have a wonderful day!

  9. Aw, thanks so much everyone. Lovely comments!

  10. He's beautiful! And I much prefer the quilled or otherwise silent kind of peacock to the real thing. They are pretty to look at, but man are they LOUD! :)

  11. Peacocks do have so many design options! There are so many beautiful ways you can incorporate them into your work! I love what you did on yours! And your little Farmers market story is great! I love farmers markets, they give me a good feeling!

  12. Ann, that is beautiful!
    Just how would you dust something so exquisite, other than very carefully!

  13. Thanks everyone! Melissa, loud indeed, and Adrienne, yes, carefully. :)

  14. This is SO BEAUTIFUL!!
    I love peacock designs too- be it in Mehendi(henna), sand art (rangoli),fabric painting or water painting one can always catch me drawing a peacock. I just don't know how but my brushes just love drawing a peacock....can't stop myself, they are so full of inspiration with all their gorgeous colors!!

  15. This is gorgeous, I love it. I live in Southern California right by a small apple town called Oak Glen and they have a beautiful all white peacock in the farm area and I have seen him all fluffed out a couple of times and even have a few pictures, he really in one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen.

    1. Thanks for your comment. That's so nice to hear - I bet he is beautiful to watch!


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