Quilled Peacock

I have a small collection of quilling projects that rarely see the light of day. This is mainly due to my aversion to dust collectors. Truth be told, it's the actual dusting aspect I'm not crazy about, not that I mind collections. Therefore I usually stick to quilling fairly useful things like jewelry or wall decor, and keep the few dust magnets I've made under cover.


Lately I've been noticing the abundance of peacocks in the design world, and was reminded that I had this little silver box stowed away. The white with silver-edge paper makes for a very subtle fellow compared to the colorful peacock images we usually see, although apparently all-white, mutant peacocks do exist in nature.

Quilled peacock box

A little story... I enjoy buying fresh produce at a local market that's actually a tiny, working farm right here in the heart of suburbia. I love going there, especially in the summer, because I can park in the shade of a huge, old chestnut tree. Can't find that at the supermarket!


The stone barn market is like a step back in time. A few pens for farm animals surround it, including one which houses an elderly peacock. In typical peacock fashion, he strolls around with his long tail feathers dragging in the dust. All of the sudden though, he's been known to let out a crazy-loud shriek, startling shoppers. Up and out go his bright array of feathers - full of surprises, that peacock!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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