Paper Cutting by Jaqueline Basham of Smooth Pebble

What can I say? I like swirls... thus, I like this friendly little village "where everyone gets along" according to its creator, Missouri paper cut artist, Jacqueline Basham.

The intertwined circles and Jackie's description started me thinking about the online paper art and craft community, and the way we share and inspire one another.

paper cut houses with swirling chimney smoke

Jackie has an Etsy shop called Smooth Pebble [edit: no longer stocked], where you'll find more of her paper cuts that she creates with an X-acto, archival paper for the most part, and the occasional old map. She also has a lovely [and currently inactive blog] called Smooth Pebble. You might enjoy Jackie's latest post called Thank you. May it grab a hold of your thoughts on creativity and shake them up just a little, the way it did mine.

Have a wonderful weekend, my fellow paper enthusiasts. I'm going to follow Jackie's lead and take a stab at having a computer-free couple of days... with any luck some creating may actually occur!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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