Festive Paper Decorations at Sephora

A follow-up on the beautiful paper decorations that are in abundance at Sephora stores this festive season... Sue Custer was out shopping again, (just teasing you, Sue :)) this time at JCPenney where she came across a Sephora shop within the store. Lo and behold, a big, round poster with a quilled design of lovely lettering and greenery was on display. We're wondering if the quilling was first done by hand or is it completely digital?

Quilled poster

Sue also snapped a photo of some dramatic paper sculptures high on a shelf. I was curious if Hannah Sitzer created these decorations, so emailed her to ask. She replied that she and her team made all of the handmade paper flowers inside Sephora stores this season, but no, not these.

Paper sculptures

Now.... not for a moment do I think this will compete with Sephora's amazing display, but while watching Love Actually a few nights ago (an annual tradition at my house) I had the idea to show you our crab ornament. What's a Christmas crab you ask? Well, if you've seen the movie, you know there was more than one lobster present at the birth of Christ. Thus it stands to reason a crab was there as well.

Christmas crab

Here he is, with claws re-glued after barely surviving this year's great Tree Topple. I'm not positive what the fellow is made of, but I'm fairly certain that under the coating of red lacquer there's some sort of fibrous paper, and marvel that he was crafted by hand. Chesapeake Bay crabs are a popular summer feast here in Delaware and we think of them fondly all year long... and that's the real reason for owning a Christmas crab.

One last shot of holiday decorations for today. Licia Politis sent me this photo that her daughter snapped in a Sydney shop - huge ornaments that hit all the trendy notes in this season of making.... black/red/white, sheet music, and buttons... quite eye-catching!

Store decorations
Ann Martin
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