Paper Sculptures by Patty Grazini

A reader recently sent me the link to the website of paper sculpture artist Patty Grazini, saying she thought I would like her work. Do I ever! Prepare to be astonished....

Delia A. Ruggles - Arrested for arson for burning her apartment to collect insurance money. 1888

Patty didn't want to be known as a doll maker, so chose to make animal heads for her sculptural pieces because they bring about curiosity. Her most recent series is based on real people who committed crimes between 1885 and 1910.

Ada Turise - 16 years of age. Arrested for opium smoking. 1884

She researched the stories in The New York Times and has placed the newspaper article next to the corresponding piece ar Curtis Steiner in Seattle. There are always unknown elements to the stories, however, and Patty likes for the viewer to create his/her own interpretation of the event.

Lena Scuccimaro - Arrested for baby trafficking. 1905

The all-paper figures are 12-18 inches tall, incredibly detailed, and beg to be studied. Patty enjoys the challenge of creating tiny embellishments and thinks of them as little delights to be found.

August W. Eckhardt - Arrested for the murder of Mary Ann Gaston, with a thrown knife. 1898

She gathers paper ephemera to construct the pieces from her travels, bookshops, and "abandoned corners". The layered elements and muted colors conspire to lend an air of mystery.

Horse - paper, 18" height

Crane - paper, 12" height

Take a few minutes to watch this Art Zone interview with Patty Grazini in her studio. I promise you'll enjoy it. And if there is a Nordstrom near you, be on the lookout in April for a photographed collage made by Patty that will be used as part of store window displays nationwide.

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