Decorative Hanging Paper Art by Fiber Lab

I think paper lighting fascinates so many of us because it's unexpected. Combine that thought with origami and true beauty is created... thus, I was delighted to come across Justina Yang's Etsy shop, Fiber Lab. The unique, but useful paper objects she designs are her way of merging a structural engineering degree with an interest in art.

Origami Snowflake Lampshade

This elegant snowflake lampshade in pink resembles a rose in full bloom!

Origami Snowflake Lampshade

Justina uses acid-free, lightfast papers milled by Fabriano Tiziano and Canson to fold her own patterns. After much experimentation, she perfected the symmetry of three dimensional shapes.

These festive bubbles would look great over a dance floor, a baby's crib, or as birthday party decorations.

Tessellated Bubbles

This bell lampshade is another lovely shape made with the same zigzag patterning.

Origami Bell Lampshade

And here's a treat from Justina! If you're like me and have always assumed creating tessellations would be oh-so-complicated, she's provided a tutorial that shows exactly how to print out and make these folded bracelets. You can also watch a video in which she shows exactly how to make them here. Fear not, they are very doable, not to mention eye-catching!

Tessellated Paper Bracelets

By the way, while researching this post I came across a Beyond the Lens blog entry about the rarely photographed 450 year old Canson paper mill in Annonay, France that you might enjoy seeing.

Fiber Lab: Etsy and Facebook

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