Paper Jewelry and Altered Books by Dorisse

It's no secret around here just how much I enjoy coming across paper jewelry makers, and my recent introduction to Dorisse of Paper Statement was no exception. She's always been creative and has pursued many crafts over the years in addition to her role as a teacher of German as a foreign language in Munich.

Pressed Paper Ring

I'm especially drawn to Dorisse's sea colors collection... the ring and pendant are stacked layers of paper and book pages. I would love to watch over her shoulder as she makes these!

Pressed Paper Pendant

A necklace is composed of discs that have been cut from paper sheets and books.

Paper Necklace

Dorisse says a friend once gave her the nickname “Ornamentist”. In an Etsy featured seller interview she said, "Yes, I love ornaments, structures, textures and patterns — the repetition of identical elements. I like amorphous soft shapes, asymmetry, proportion and color combinations."

Paper Disc Earrings

With autumn fast approaching here in the northern hemisphere, it's time to put aside my love of summery sea colors and seek out warmer tones... this string of corrugated beads is just the ticket.

Corrugated Necklace

Dorisse also enjoys making folded book sculptures that are so popular now, but she mentioned to me that others can sometimes be critical of altered books.

Folded Book Sculptures

We agree that in this age of e-books, book sculptures actually celebrate the printed word. Not only is the content of a book important, but so is the object itself.

Hundred Dollar Bracelet

And one last Dorisse example of paper as altered art... you'll never go broke with Ben Franklin hugging your wrist!

Enjoy a visit to Paper Statement.

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Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Wow, i love it all!

  2. oh I love the jewellery items; very impressive aren't they?! Must be lots of glue happening and what fun to finally get into the slicing process. Fine art I also enjoyed the 'book sculptures' very much. Thanks Anne for your very good investigative work hunting these wonderful people for us to enjoy

  3. I love Dorisse's art pieces, the jewellery have lovely fresh summery colours, the folded books are fabulous and make great pieces of sculpture...and what a fantastic money bracelet!!

  4. Thank you Ann, for another, incredible find of an artist.

  5. I would love to watch over her shoulder too Ann.The ring and the pendant has such a polished finish,difficult to believe they are made from stacked book pages.

  6. How can you not love this paper jewelry?! Dorisse is amazing!

  7. I would love to know how she does this! Any time I've tried I've ended up with a mess...colors smearing...this is AMAZING!

  8. Love all this little bits of info and art that you share! Thank you

  9. please give the directions that how this beautiful paper jewelry is made.pwe will be very thankfull


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