Friday, February 1, 2013

Recycled Paper Clocks

Here's an apropos follow-up to Monday's post about rolled coil valentines. I was happy to stumble upon these funky/cool clocks that Carolyn Lodge creates from used magazines and wrapping paper.


As a stay-at-home mum with a young daughter, rolling paper strips is a task that she fits in among daily tasks. Carolyn's clocks have really hit it off and she makes them in a variety of shapes, sizes, and color families... a paper-whirling-dervish!

Many shades of blue!


Find Carolyn on Facebook.

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And speaking of books, don't forget the giveaway for Illuminate - Contemporary Craft Lighting. Two winners will be chosen at random at the end of Tuesday, February 5th. 


  1. These are such wonderful clocks. I'm always amazed how many things can be done with quilling. Of course, up-cycling from old magazines is so cool too!

  2. Amazing paper!! How I love Carolyn's blue clock!!!

  3. I forgot to mention....I am looking forward to your new book, All Things Paper, being released!!!

  4. You really find the most amazing paper artists. Thank you!

  5. Love that blue clock! How are you dearest?


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