Quilling Featured on Hudson Fuggle 2013 Calendar

If you enjoy this video [edit: no longer available] half as much as I do, it will be worth it... such fun to watch designer types - employees of creative consultancy Hudson Fuggle in London - as they gathered for a paper crafting session. Each year the agency creates a calendar to send out to clients. Guess what they did for 2013's version!

From the blog: "Featuring techniques practiced by the ancient Egyptians, French and Italian nuns, genteel ladies of the 16th to 18th centuries and now the ruffians of Hudson Fuggle, this year's calendar left us all thoroughly rolled, scrolled, crimped and folded."


"... Poppy Chancellor, an illustrator who creates stunning papercuts, guided us through the finer points of the Duck Foot and the Marquise to depict our allotted month. I'll tell you what, it's harder than it looks, but the hours flew by to an accompaniment of tea, cakes and a soundtrack that included Quilling me Softly and Quiller Queen."

Keep an eye on their blog, as a new calendar page will be posted each month. January and February show just a touch of quilling; this month the page is decked out with a large cut paper snake to celebrate the Chinese new year.


Speaking of snakes... have you seen these intricately quilled versions?


Cecelia Louie of Etsy shop Paper Zen created the first one as a commissioned piece for Home Depot. The new year greeting was published in Chinese newspapers in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.


Read more about it on her blog.


Cecelia alerted me to another new year advertisement that was designed by an uncredited artist. Developed by Connect Advertising and Marketing for Bentley Motors, the celebratory ad ran across all media in worldwide locations that are home to significant Chinese populations.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. thanks for sharing this! the quilling in Bentley add is really amazing! really curious who the quiller is...

  2. Love Cecelia's snake.Nice video.The Bentley ad looks brilliant.

  3. wow there all awesome, liked the video,adds are awesome, love the calender !!!1

  4. Such a cute video.

    Isn't it fascinating how quilling has spread? I wouldn't have guessed to find it at Home Depot.

    1. So true, Maureen! It's really been fun to watch awareness of quilling grow in recent years.

  5. Absolutely fascinating! Can't wait to see the months unfold!

  6. Gifted quilling artisans you featured are absolutely amazing! I love your blog! I think i will stick to my much simpler origami flowers and things!

  7. These are amazing! Thanks for posting.

  8. Brilliant work...Nice video...Happy to see the pace at which the quilling grows....Thanks much for sharing excellent infos all the time, Ann Mam...

  9. Hi Anne
    Hello from England, and thank you for blogging about the Hudson Fuggle quilling calendar! It was quite a task to get the workshop completed in a day, but lots of fun.


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