Paper Sculpture - Cecilia Levy

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say I'm completely transfixed by the quiet beauty of Cecilia Levy's paper art.


Hobo - Homeward Bound boots piqued my interest in Cecilia's sculptures initially. Created for an exhibit in Stockholm last autumn, she molded the first layer around her own Wellingtons, then tore paper strips from three different books (for shading and different typography), and set to work scissoring each piece. The fringing adds such a sense of movement... perfectly appropriate for something that is meant to travel!


Cecilia's Rule of Three, a set of layered paper thistles, can be seen at the Flow Gallery in Notting Hill, London through May 17th in a collaborative show called Forming Words. Elegant, yet playful; fragile, yet sturdy...all in all, as gorgeous as natural seed pods.


A translucent, coffee-rimmed bowl...


and genteel coffee set.


Lest you think Cecilia's work is created only in a neutral palette, think again...


the Scandinavian design penned on colorful paper mittens is beautiful.


Here she worked with comic book pages...Spiderman vs Owl in Good Defeats Evil was the impetus behind a tea set created for a new library.


Cecilia, who lives in Sweden, says she loves the feel, smell, and texture of paper. "Old, new, smooth, yellowed, stained, crumpled, torn..." Her degree is in graphic design; later she studied bookbinding and combines aspects of it with sculpture and illustration.

Visit Cecilia's website and blog where she shares interesting process photos of her many projects.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Amazing work , all of them. Also enjoyed visiting her blog.

  2. All I can say is WOW. I wish I was half that good. And everything looks so perfect. How does she do it?

  3. Me too! I love her work. Each piece is incredible.

  4. Thank you Ann, for featuring my work here! And thanks Suganthi and Julie, for your lovely comments! :)

  5. Marvelous work, which is full of discovery for the viewer, as in the seed pods and the cup handle. Love the incorporation of text into the pieces. Using the comic book pages is inspired.

  6. Wow...Great feature...Such marvelous works..Enjoying visiting the blog too !!!!

  7. Totally awed by your work. Frustrating to see it only on a screen.
    I know it's all delicate, but it begs to be touched! Wonderful pieces.


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