Collage Illustration and Paper Type Necklaces

This time of year is often filled with remembrances... Memorial Day, graduation speeches, and reflective wedding toasts. In keeping with this theme, I'd like to introduce you to the artwork of Laura Tarrish. Laura began her career as a graphic designer, but now focuses on collage-based illustration.


She has designed art pieces for notables such as Apple, The Washington Post, and Travel and Leisure, but also works with individuals who seek her out to commemorate a life, home, special event - a wedding, perhaps - or memorable trip.


This example is one she created for television journalist Tom Brokaw's retirement.


Laura determines the story to be told and encourages the client to send even the smallest meaningful item, such as a signature from an old letter or a vacation postcard. She scans the memorabilia, adds her own imagery if needed (an avid collector, she has all sorts of ephemera to draw from) and sends the client a rag paper print as the final product.


On a completely different note but still paper-related, Laura makes these wonderful little bottle necklaces (only 1 1/4 inches tall including the cork!) that can be the perfect reminder of a special person or place.


She has the tiny letters and icons laser cut from metallic card stock in Portland, Oregon where she lives, and fills the bottle with initials, names, or even a secret message.


Sometimes Laura adds a gold metallic icon to the mix... here's just a small sampling:


She also designs custom cards with graphic or photographic icons, making it possible to coordinate an event with matching invitations and thank you notes. Here she created a clever little paper house that contained a we've moved announcement featuring a photo icon of the new home.


See more of Laura's work at Bridgetown Papers. The necklaces aren't shown on her sites, but contact her via email at or the Bridgetown Papers Facebook page if you have questions or would like to place an order. She is also on Instagram.

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  1. Love the tiny necklaces, Laura. Thanks for sharing, Ann!

  2. What a great post today! I especially like the one with the cabin in it. Thanks for sharing!


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