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Lilach Vidal of Israel makes bold paper cuttings, many of which are especially appealing to music lovers like me. Each one offers a line of song lyrics... I don't know about you, but I can't look at this lion and not start humming!

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Lilach says that as a creative person, she fell in love with paper cutting about a year ago and knew right away that she wanted to make her designs light and young so they would connect with people her age. She mentioned there are several well-known paper cutters nearby in Jerusalem who do beautiful work, but they design in a traditional, Biblical way.

cut-paper-song lyrics

Many of her clients are romantic people who give a personalized paper cutting to their partner or as a wedding gift to bridesmaids and family. One could also be a first anniversary gift that combines the couple's initials and wedding date with lyrics from the first song they danced to, for example.

A hamsa with the word peace in three languages: Arabic, Hebrew, and English

Lilach designs a paper cutting on a sheet of paper and then scans it into Photoshop to improve the layout. The cutting process is done by a machine to obtain precise lines and an affordable price.


Her Etsy shop is called Paper Cut Songs and she is on Facebook. Just a few weeks ago, Lilach opened a shop in Jerusalem called J'aime Happy Gifts at 1 Even Israel Street where she sells a variety of items including her own paper cuttings.

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