Paper Cutting by Gemma Esprey Designs

Paper cutter Gemma Esprey of Gemma Esprey Designs works in an intricate style - no, let's be real and call it mind-blowing. Such fine detail!

butterfly paper cutting

She lives in England and has been drawing and doodling since childhood. Although school and work slowed her participation in favorite handwork over the years, when her four year old daughter was born Gemma found herself with a revived interest in crafts such as knitting and cross stitch.

garden paper cutting

Just last year Gemma began paper cutting in earnest. She was captivated by the process and appreciated advice received from others on Facebook. It wasn't until she bought a package of ink pens and resumed her personal style of doodling that she was able to fall into a rhythm with the art. Gemma especially enjoys cutting designs that are based on her own original sketches.

songbird paper cutting
 Tiny lettering!

Gemma works in administration by day and fits in scalpel time whenever possible, sometimes even getting up in the wee hours of the morning to cut.

heart paper cutting

Mostly she takes inspiration from nature and the realization that her daughter is learning the merits of creativity while crafting alongside her mum.

owl paper cutting

Gemma's sends cards and unframed giclée prints worldwide from her Folksy shop, Gemma Esprey Designs and welcomes custom requests at

owl paper cutting

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