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As I told Tiffanie Turner when I first came upon her Corner Blog, I had just spent the best hour (truth be told, maybe even two) reading through posts. She knows how to entertain... literally, but more about that in a moment. First, let's take a look at her beautiful paper creations.

Update Winter 2018: Tiffanie's website is Papel SF and her new book is The Fine Art of Paper Flowers.

Crepe Paper Peony Pinatas on display in tree

These peony pinatas look real! Tiffanie often uses Italian crepe paper from Carte Fini and forms the petals around a paper maché-covered balloon.

 crepe paper peony 

Is it any wonder she did a rose making class/private event for Martha Stewart Living not long ago?

crepe paper roses

I remember admiring Tiffanie's chicken egg mini-pinatas when her tutorial was featured on A Subtle Revelry in the spring... layer upon layer of hand-fringed crepe paper and filled with confetti.

colorful mini-pinatas in trays

mini pinata

At the time I didn't realize she makes flowers (and donuts too - lots of specialty donuts. :))

So about the entertaining... not only is Tiffanie the mother of two little ones and currently specializing, as she says, in motherhood and housewifery, but she is a licensed architect and burlesque dancer in San Francisco. That's where the paper flowers come in - Tiffanie makes her own costumes and often incorporates a flower (or quite a few) into the look.

crepe paper peony hat

 Here's her daughter modelling a peony hat - cute!
Tiffanie will be teaching paper flower headpieces at Makeshift Society in San Francisco on September 19th. But if you want to learn right now, you'll find a crepe paper flower tutorial on her blog and also a giant paper flower tutorial.

giant paper flower

But if you would rather she do the making, Tiffanie has an Etsy shop, papel SF, with ready-made blooms and egg pinatas. She's happy to take on custom orders as well.

crepe paper peonies

May your weekend be as pretty as these peonies!

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  1. Being a candy freak, I normally have no trouble bashing out a pinata's brains. But those peonies? No way. They are too gorgeous to bash. The candy would just have to dangle there. Wow!

  2. Wow! I love her paper flower hats. I checked out her Etsy Shop and it's fabulous. I'm so glad you found her and shared about her. I can't believe she does so much including making doughnuts and being a burlesque dancer.

  3. These are absolutely beautiful! I want to fill my ceiling with those hanging flowers. What a wonderfully happy craft.

  4. The flowers do look so very real. Love the peony hat.

  5. Oh boy, those flowers look so amazing. I am totally smitten. Have a wonderful Monday, lovely.

  6. Wow! I love peonies because they remind me of my grandmother. What a wonderful reminder - these are extra special. Thanks, Ann and Tiffanie!

  7. Wish I found this when the tutorial was still up. I have 4 granddaughters who would love these beautiful pinatas. Amazingly beautiful!

  8. Hi Sasi, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. All of the three tutorial links - pinatas and two types of flowers - are working so perhaps try again.


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