Must-See Paper Art

Here are several of my favorite paper finds around the web-world recently...

First up, we have Gerald, a free-standing paper dog project developed by British design studio Lazerian. This past May many Geralds, handsomely decorated by artists, illustrators, and designers, arrived in New York City for a design week exhibition. This particular Gerald was created by Rob Lowe, also known as Supermundane. Read more about the Gerald Project on Design Boom.

super-gerald-paper dog-sculpture-by-supermundane

Now for some mind-blowingly impressive paper cutting...


The OIC blog featured Denmark's Karen Bit Vejle and the intricate paper cuttings she creates from single sheets of paper. Often Karen's art pieces tell a fairy tale that she has composed in her head while cutting.


The Paper Convention introduced me to the astonishing spiraled art of Gunjan Aylawadi, a paper artist in Sydney. Having tried my hand at spiraling, I can say without reservation that it takes infinite patience and skill to roll narrow strips of paper as perfectly as Gunjan. Her work is inspired by her cultural identity and Middle Eastern architectural motifs.


Liat Summerfield of Israel creates whimsical illustrations as decoration for a line of paper products - greeting cards, notebooks, posters, and the like. Clowns and Crowns caught my attention right away and I wrote to tell her that I can definitely picture the fanciful designs in a stationery store and/or as book illustrations. Watch her Kickstarter video to see if you agree.


Have you seen this remarkable video for the song Katachi?! The song is performed by Shugo Tokumaru, a Japanese singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The video is a bit slow at the start, but stay with it... the figures sure look like paper and could be paper, but actually are PVC silhouettes (nearly 2000!) that were created with a computer-controlled cutter. Read more about the process on MAKE. The video has been nominated in the best animation category of the UK Music Video Awards for 2013 which takes place on the 28th of this month.

Shugo Tokumaru "Katachi" from Kijek / Adamski on Vimeo.

Apologies in advance if the tune becomes stuck in your head for days. :)

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