Commercial Paper Sculpture by Ollanski

You might recall the animated paper sculpture of Cris Wiegandt. Recently Cris let me know that she and Oliver "Ollanski" Bieräugel, a Berlin-based paper engineer and illustrator, had collaborated on a new project for Nöjesguiden.

Photography: Manuel Mittelpunkt

They were commissioned to create a paper craft illustration for the Swedish young adult magazine's March cover. Hem ljuva hem means home sweet home, and the theme of the issue is the housing sector crisis in Sweden.


Interestingly, Ollanski graduated from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm where he studied Biomedicine with a specialization in Molecular Neurobiology. Six years ago, he left his PhD position at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin to pursue a lifelong passion for drawing, painting, and building the type of dimensional paper craft models you see here.


Just like movie scenes that are left on the cutting room floor, the colorful paper flowers at the lower corners didn't make it onto the final cover, but this next image shows more of Ollanski's spring blooms on Milk X magazine's March calendar page.

 Photography: Caroline Wimmer

As a freelance illustrator and paper artist, he is represented by Cosmopola in Germany and ArtAssociates in the Netherlands. Ollanski says his main goal is to get better and better and better. This city scene looks quite detailed and impressive to me!

paper sculpture-fast-company-magazine

He was "...commissioned to create a set of illustrations about the young New York architecture firm SHoP, who in turn are about to change the skyline of New York City by building many new innovative buildings: from a Camera Obscura in a NYC park to the reconstruction of old industry buildings, turning them into modern condos to tall landmark skyscrapers - SHoP does it all.", for Fast Company magazine.


 Ud & Se editorial photography: Caroline Wimmer

Ollanski created 3D house and man models for the November/December 2013 issue of Danish Ud & Se magazine to accompany text about Danish statistics.

One last example of his fine work is this winged unicorn created for a Nöjesguiden Believe special issue about spiritual art, the Illuminati, and modern day beliefs such as tarot and witchcraft.

 Photography: Caroline Wimmer

Ollanski shows his work on Behance.

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  1. ann,i enjoyed the journey into cris and ollanski's world of paperart!how lovely for ollanski to be able to persue his dream.

  2. Absolutely stunning work! I simply love hearing how people make the decision to follow their heart rather than their head and unleash a whole other side of themselves. So happy for him to have discovered his calling.

  3. Amazing. Just amazing...serious art skills!


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