Paper Blooms, Butterflies, and More

Word on the street is that today is Delaware's last day of sub-freezing temperatures this winter. I'm so ready for warm weather! To celebrate, I rounded up a collection of pretties that have me thinking spring.


Casey Starks of Vitamini Handmade details how to make a cute shamrock corsage... wear it on St. Paddy's Day to avoid being pinched (not to mention it's classier than one of those crazy hats!)


Deb of Handmade by Deb is an origami enthusiast with lots of good instructions and YouTube videos. This handmade bag is something I'm definitely going to make next time I need to wrap a present.


If you frequent paper and design sites as often as someone I know (ahem, me), perhaps you've noticed handmade paper cameras, typewriters, and sewing machines... chances are they were made by Jennifer Collier who re-creates household items from found & recycled papers. This lovely floral armchair shows just how adept she is at treating paper as fabric.


Here's a gorgeous butterfly by Kathleen Usova, also know as Iron Maiden Art on DeviantART. I love Kathleen's quilling style, but I've noticed that her work is often incorrectly credited to Yulia Brodskaya or Natasha Molotkova... understandable I suppose, as their designs are similarly perfect.


Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built shows how to make a delicate crepe paper narcissus. Don't miss her neat little trick of adding color to the center.


Lastly, I gathered some spring DIYs from my Tutorials tab, found at the top of the page. If you check out that tab, you'll notice I've added an image to each project to make it easier to decide what you might like to make.

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Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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