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Anna Kleindinst is a graphic designer and illustrator in Austria who received a Master's degree in Communication Design just last month. In fact, it was this newly minted mortarboard and diploma she created for graduation party invitations that caught my eye and led me to ask a few questions about her delightful work.

Paper Sculpture Graduation Cap

What it is about recreating everyday objects as paper sculpture that you especially enjoy?

What I really like about working with paper is that you get away from the computer. So many interactions today – as my everyday work as a graphic designer – take place in front of a screen, so I tried finding something that I could do with my hands.

Paper Sculpture Modern House

 Paper Sculpture Pool Furniture

Working with paper as a material is pretty nice too. It has history, there are so many types and you can use it in so many ways from papier-mâché to paper furniture.

Paper Sculpture Trees

Paper Sculpture Plants

Can you utilize paper sculpture in your graphic design work?

While I was doing mostly graphic design and branding projects immediately after graduation, I knew I wanted to do more illustration work. I did some research on how to combine graphic design with paper.
 Paper Sculpture Interio

The basic idea was to do photographed paper sculptures to be used as pictures later on, for instance for editorial design. So I set up a little portfolio to be able to show future clients what kind of work I want to do. I am now signed with an illustration agency in Germany. 

Paper Sculpture Lemonade

Congratulations! Do you have a favorite type of paper you reach for when starting a new project? And what is your cutting tool of choice?

I have only used simple coloured paper that I buy at an art materials shop in Graz where I live. For cutting, I use a Stanley knife and other smaller cutters.

Paper Sculpture Sushi

Are you currently working on a paper sculpture project and if so, can you give a hint as to its subject?

My last project was the invitation card for my graduation party which will be shown in my online-portfolio soon. At the moment I am working on a Christmas paper illustration.

Paper Sculpture Nespresso

I look forward to seeing it. Your designs are fresh, clean and beautifully photographed!

Thank you, I will keep you updated with new work. All the best from Europe.

Anna's website is Kleindinst

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