Black and White Paper Jewelry Round Up

I had the BEST time assembling this post because few things float my boat like paper jewelry. I love its wow factor... people are always surprised to learn that paper is durable enough to be worn. Judging by the many beauties I came across in my hunt, wearable paper art is becoming more and more popular. In fact, I found so many stylish examples, this post will be a two-parter. Later in the week I'll feature a colorful selection vs. today's black and white collection.

Sheet Music Paper Brooch

First up, a sheet music brooch and Hours of Pleasure necklace by Liz Hamman, a paper jewelry (or jewellery, as I should spell it since Liz lives in the UK) artist whose work I've long admired and featured here previously.

Hours of Pleasure Paper Necklace

I follow Liz on Facebook and am constantly impressed by the variety of pieces she makes and her creativity in recycling paper.

Another clever paper recycler is Francesca Vitali of Frucci Design in upstate New York. It has been ages since I last featured Francesca's art, but in my defense, she has been on a break from gallery and art/craft shows while enjoying motherhood the past several years.

Black, White and Red Folded Paper Jewelry

I was happy to see new work on Francesca's Facebook page recently and learned she just sent off this striking black, white and red collection to Facere Gallery in Seattle for the show Matter of Material. Repurposed and recycled paper from the book Speeches That Changed the World was used to make the pieces.

Black and White Origami Pendant

I'm admiring the beautifully symmetrical origami pendant (above) that features a geometric design and black center brad. It was made by Susan of Etsy shop Paper Imaginations.
 black and white Origami Geometric Paper Necklace

Remember making chains from gum wrappers as a kid? Although the folding technique is the same, my chains never looked as great as this necklace! The creator is Paola Fornasier of Italy and Greece, and Etsy shop Handmade Jewelry Egeo.

Film Strip Paper Jewelry

Paola also makes necklaces inspired by her work in a film editing department. She decorates card stock paper beads with white acrylic paint and frames from favorite movies.

Black and White Paper Triangle Necklace with silver chain

Julie Dye is always adding new pieces to her line of elegant paper and sterling silver jewelry at Blossom and Shine. This double triangle necklace and extended triangle earrings with fine swinging chains are two of my favorites.

Black Paper Spike Earrings with silver ear wires

Julie cuts, folds and rolls Japanese decorative paper and protects it with resin that adds a nice shine.

These three-dimensional laser cut paper and metal brooches by Jocelyn He [edit: site no longer available] of England are inspired by nature and plant forms. I love the way the seemingly delicate stainless steel structures provide a sense of protection for ethereal blooms. The paper is actually painted with watercolor, a bit difficult to discern from the photos.

Laser Cut Paper Brooch

Her website is gorgeous by the way... well worth a look. 

 laser cut paper brooch

Okay, this last piece isn't black and white, but because it's the cutest use of paper beads I've ever seen, I made an executive decision to include it. Designed by Magda Colquhoun of Magda Crafts of London, the beads are rolled gold paper with hand painted black stripes. The bee bodies are protected with glossy varnish; the wings and heads are beads too.

black and yellow paper bead bee necklace

Have a great week and see you again on Thursday with more paper jewelry finds.

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