Paper-Themed Gifts - After Christmas Recap

If you're a longtime reader you already know that I enjoy giving gifts that are made of paper and I love paper jewelry because of its surprise factor. When someone exclaims "Is this really paper?" upon opening a gift, it's music to my ears. Thus, you won't be a bit surprised to see that many of the Christmas presents I gave to friends and family members were paper-themed.

paper butterfly brooch on distressed denim

Stephanie Schick, a jewelry maker and photographer in southern Germany made these little gifts that I gave to my youngest relative to wear or attach to her backpack. I chose a vivid paper butterfly brooch, an adorable chubby bird brooch, and a geometric key fob, all carefully made of paper, then protected with water repellent.

paper butterfly brooch, paper bird brooch, geometric paper keyfob

To my way of thinking, shopping via a small online shop is the best because it's so easy to connect with the owner... they make themselves available to answer questions and many accept custom requests. If you don't see a particular item listed in the shop, but they've posted a photo on Instagram or Facebook, ask if they can recreate it for you. Often the answer is yes.

blue and green paper, resin and silver bracelet

 pink paper and resin 3-piece pendant on charcoal leather necklace chain
Lisa Cullen of LC Studios [site is not available, but she con be reached via Instagram] in Warwick, New York makes paper, resin, and sterling silver jewelry that truly makes a statement. It's smooth, shiny, and comes in the most delicious colors that make me think of hard candy. I sent the bracelet in shades of blue that reminded me of tropical waters to my friend Licia Politis in Australia where it's summer now... ah bliss The striking pendant in pink tones on a charcoal leather necklace was for my niece-in-law.

Quilled and crimped paper sailboat cards

Speaking of Licia, she sent me an amazing array of fiber art pieces that she has been making recently - see her work on Instagram where she is @paper_to_jewellery - along with a handmade sailboat card. 2018 was the year of the boat for Licia... you might recall her remarkable quilled ship that took top honors at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

harry potter copper bezel quilled paper pendant necklace

Mandie Shelton of Artsy Heartsy Boutique made a custom Harry Potter paper necklace for my daughter-in-law who loved reading the books. It features coiled strips of HP text cut from a well-worn edition and includes Snape's name, her favorite character. I love the copper coloring of this necklace and think it will look really nice on her.

Turquoise and Gold Diamond-shaped Paper Necklace

Verde Alfieri, jewelry designer and owner of Etsy shop Alfieri Jewel Design in Milan, Italy, made this bold turquoise and gold necklace for my sister. I like the brushed metallic effect and the way the discs are hinged together so the pendant can be worn curved or flat. It's a piece that's sure to be noticed.

pink paper mache flower on pastel patterned silk necklace tie

Same with this beauty... a paper mache flower on a silk tie that has pretty metallic highlights. It was made by Alessandra Fabre Repetto of Rome, Italy whose Etsy shop is Alessandra Fabre.

gold and silver paper quilled swirled scrolls pendant

I was delighted when the recipient of this silver and gold Swirled Scrolls Pendant that I made put it on immediately. If you would like to make one too, step-by-step instructions are in my book, The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry.

pink and gold square mosaic origami earrings

Renata Mayumi in Lisbon, Portugal made these pretty mosaic origami earrings that are light as a feather. I'm crazy about everything in her Etsy shop, Mayumi Origami.

colorful geometric designs digitally printed on paper squares 

I chose gifts from Barbara Brandimarte's Etsy shop Colla Carta Creo in Dübendorf, Switzerland for three ladies on my list. She turns her own colorful designs into digitally printed chic earrings with rhodium-plated silver (no tarnish) posts and butterfly closures.

Black and white striped paper disc drop earrings with black beads 

I also selected this pair of elegant black and white striped paper drop earrings from her shop. Each pair arrived in a Christmas gift bag that Barbara had made... I'm so drawn to pretty packaging! 

Speaking of which, something else I enjoy choosing just as much as paper jewelry is gift wrap. 2018 was unusual in that rather than spending Christmas in chilly Delaware, my husband and I were invited to visit the family of our youngest son's girlfriend down south. What a treat that was and I made sure my choice of wrapping paper reflected my joy by using papers with a tropical theme.

palm trees, palm springs houses, and retro Christmas ornaments printed gift wrap

Melissa Bilyeu's Revel & Co. has long been my go-to for high quality gift wrap. New for 2018 was a line of Palm Springs designs that feature palm trees and retro ornaments and houses - so colorful and fun, plus they went perfectly with my modern quilled snowflake gift toppers (free tutorial for all five designs at the link).

small handmade folded paper boxes with quilled snowflake gift toppers

I made these boxes by following The Paper Assembly's origami box instructions using sturdy sheets of screen printed, recycled paper imported from India by Shizen Design. People always seems to notice these boxes each time I make them, plus they're just the right size to hold a piece of my quilled jewelry.

gift box wrapped with metallic silver screen printed kraft wrapping paper with foliage design, black silk cord tie and chickadee gift tag  

Carrying on with the tropical theme... Bonnie Kaye Whitfield of Bonnie Kaye Studio and Etsy shop Bonnie Kaye Studio in Johnson City, Tennessee creates gorgeous screen printed wrapping paper and table linens. I bought a roll of silver metallic print on kraft paper and could hardly bring myself to cut into it - so pretty! It could very easily be used as a table runner instead.

I've featured many of these artists in previous posts and via giveaways, and am always on the lookout for emerging talent. Speaking of which, come back on Monday when you'll meet another artist whose work I think is really special. (p.s. A very nice giveaway will be involved!)

Need more paper gift ideas? Have a look at last year's presents.

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  1. What beautiful and thoughtful gifts you chose. I love that you support these artists and their wonderful work.

    1. That's so nice of you to say, thanks Lorraine!


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