Quilling a Bridal Shower Card and Gift Wrapping Ideas

When I received a bridal shower invitation in the mail, an idea was sparked. I often like to make a quilled card to give with a gift and because I'm a fan of watercolors, one look at the painted wedding cake design and knew I would use it as the background paper. How about adding a small grouping of quilled flowers on each cake layer? Game on!

quilled floral card with matching envelope

Another reason for making a card like this was because then the bride will have a memento of the invitation that was sent to guests. I also included a layer of silver-gray card stock that was part of her wedding invitation on the card, and used wood grain card stock to make the base (first featured in this wedding project that I made for my son and daughter-in-law).

bridal shower invitation and jumble of quilling strips

I searched my quilling paper stash and pulled out this little tangle, very happy to find a couple of Australian two-tone strips in just the right colors to match the cake flowers. No kidding, these papers are called Exotic... originally featured in this post where you'll find more ideas on using fringed flowers in card making. Exotic strips by Jonathan Mayne may still be available from Quilling Supply here in the U.S.

quilled flowers and leaves in pink, purple and green on a watercolor painting

Because an envelope needs to be a bit oversized to accommodate quilling, I made one by referring to this handy YouTube video. Rather than gluing the envelope closed, I made a little fringed flower with ASL leaves (quill-speak for alternate side looping) and positioned it on pink and silver-gray squares cut from the wedding invitation along with a watercolor floral square cut from the other side of the shower invitation. A bit of double-stick tape held it in place to seal the envelope.

quilled flower motif on a watercolor wedding cake card

In case you're curious, the idea I came up with for the gift was a hand bound wedding/anniversary journal from Rag & Bone Bindery (also on Etsy). I've admired their books for years, have featured both the company and its owner's paper craft book and even won a photo album in a giveaway once upon a time, so I knew the quality was excellent. It's fun to give a personalized gift and even more so when it's made of paper (to my way of thinking, haha).

rag and bone anniversary book with presentation box and roll of silver leaf silk-screened kraft wrapping paper

Package wrapping is something else I love to do, and for this one I used silvery silk-screened kraft paper from Bonnie Kaye Studio (you might remember it from this past Christmas). For a present topper, I painted a silk leaf with silver acrylic paint and lettered the bride's name with a calligraphy marker. Best part was that her eyes lit up when she saw the quilled card underneath... her smile made my day.

rectangular present wrapped in silver leafy silk-screened kraft paper with ribbon, card, envelope and personalized painted silver leaf

Come back next week as I'll be showing a project I made using the other half of the shower invitation AND I'll be celebrating my Ten Year Blogiversary with a very nice giveaway and a free tutorial. See? YOU will get presents too! 🤗

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Gorgeous card ! fantastic idea to use that beautiful Bridal shower card .
    i love those two toned quilling paper .i wonder whether they are available here in UK ..

    1. Thanks Angel, I'm glad you like the card. It's worth checking with your UK supplier about the strips... they're something a bit different and just might have them in stock.

  2. Kismet! The entire event, from invite to gift, was meant to be. Don't you love it when a plan comes together? Beautifully orchestrated Ann!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Stephanie! I hope you're doing well and are still making your beautiful folded books.


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