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Celebrating All Thing Paper's TENTH Anniversary!

Can you believe how quickly the years have flown? Almost as fast as paper strips can be rolled into beautiful domes like these, as seen in Erin Curet's new quilling book! The blogging landscape has changed a lot, but I'm happy to say All Things Paper is still going strong. I find as much joy in highlighting topics about the latest and greatest on the paper art and craft scenes as I did in 2009.

colorful rolled paper beads

I was curious to reread my very first post, Hello There, and was pretty darn pleased to see that I've stuck to my initial mission throughout the years. It has always been important to me to feature the 'new'... because isn't new what we all like? The next big thing, the emerging talent, the fresh take on an old art or craft.

montage of colorful squares of quilling paper strips

Each time I hit the Publish button - more than a thousand times now (1156 to be exact!) I still feel a little thrill. Bringing paper enthusiasts together is the best feeling, and my hope is that you will continue to find these posts enlightening. Speaking of which, let's get on to today's feature... a brand new how-to-quill title from Quarry Books, The Art of Modern Quilling by Erin Curet, who is known for her bold use of color.

cover of The Art of Modern Quilling 

I've always felt that Erin is a true compatriot of mine in the quilling world because both of us gravitate toward modern designs that are purposeful. I found myself smiling along with her words from the very first paragraph... If I see a paper project that involves pins of any kind, I inwardly cringe and avert my eyes. Don't misunderstand, she does indeed use traditional quilled shapes and tools to create the projects in this book, but often substitutes household items for standard tools and sometimes makes her own - in fact, via this book, Erin teaches you how to make them too.

traditional quilling shapes arranged on white board

She aptly describes the fifteen projects spread throughout the 128 page paperback as useful, whimsical, and gift-able. The chapters are set up in such a way that the lessons build on one another with designs that give you the chance to use your newfound skills. There are several simple projects that are perfect for beginners... my fave would have to be these cute and colorful wine glass charms... sure to be conversation starters at your next party.

colorful wine glass quilled wine charms

Erin enjoys making quilled jewelry as much as I do - in fact, she made a project from my quilled jewelry book - the Leafy Vine Pendant using peach and beige papers (click to see it about two thirds down the page) - and her take on it received many glowing comments when I shared it all around on social media.
 Back cover of The Art of Modern Quilling book showing colorful quilled projects

You'll find several earring and necklace designs in Erin's book, including a string of round-as-a-ball paper beads and a striking pair of earrings that I plan to make soon. The other jewelry piece I'm especially drawn to is called Dewdrop Necklace... it's essentially paper chain maille! An ambitious project for sure, the end result is a real standout. Sneak peek below in the upper left corner. (Note that the tree is not a project in the book, but all of the others are.)

colorful quilled paper projects including a tree, mandala, jewelry, retro tv, butterflies and beads

In addition to step-by-step instructions and photos, Erin drills down into the tiny necessities of neat quilling, such as positioning the cut/glued end at the pointed tip of a coil rather than any ol' place, and when gluing two coils together, adhering the cut ends to one another so they don't show as readily. It's little tips like these that will make your results exceptional.

colorful quilled mandala clock

There are a number of home decor projects including wall art, a candle holder, and the gorgeous clock mandala shown above. As Erin says, "the repetition required will force you to take a deep breath, slow down, and enjoy the process." How true that is!

quilled pink, aqua, purple and black floral stem design

Erin is known in the quilling world for her dense and colorful paper mosaics. The beauty above is also a book project and another is an impressive butterfly mobile. I tested out Erin's directions by making a mini butterfly (below) and adhered it to a card that I made as a variation of the one shown in my previous post, Quilling a Bridal Shower Card.

quilled butterfly on watercolor greeting card

The Art of Modern Quilling is available via Erin's Little Circles shop, as well as Amazon and Book Depository. There is always free worldwide shipping at the latter.

And now a Double the Fun Giveaway!

covers of two how-to quill books, The Art of Modern Quilling and The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry

Erin will personally be sending a signed copy of The Art of Modern Quilling to one lucky person with a U.S. mailing address. And I will do the same with my most recent book, The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry. That's right, the winner will receive both books - it's an inspiring twofer!

To enter, all you need to do is post a comment below now through Saturday, March 9, 2019. If you would like to sign up for our mailing lists, that would be mighty nice too. Just scroll to the bottom of our sites where you will see a sign up box. Erin's site is littlecircles.net.

quilled domed coils in many shades of blue, purple, pink, and green

Note that Blogger does not show me the email address you type into the comment form with your name, so you must include an email address within your comment to be contacted if you win. If spam is a concern, type your address like this: janedoe at gmail dot com

The same giveaway is underway on the All Things Paper Instagram feed. Enter there too to double your chances. One winner with a U.S. mailing address will be chosen at random from combined blog and IG entries, and announced at the bottom of this post and on the IG photo. Good luck!

Come back on Thursday when I will be posting a FREE tutorial courtesy of Erin - it's a fun one!
EDIT - And here it is: Make a Layered Paper Ring in 7 Easy Steps

Congratulations to Gretchen Dixon, giveaway winner!

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