Announcing TWO Quilling Book Releases!

Good news, paper quillers! On July 14, just one week from today, two quilling books by veteran how-to-quill authors, Sena Runa and Diane Boden will be released. Enjoy this sneak peek at both books that contain a total of forty wall art and frameable greeting card projects. I'll start with Quilling: 20 Beautiful Designs by Sena Runa, the highly anticipated follow-up to her 2018 title, Quilling Art.

Quilling 20 Beautiful Designs book cover showing llama, hot air balloon, flowers and more

In addition to the wide range of cheerful, modern projects shown on the cover, Sena created patterns for a quilled rainbow, tree, picnic basket, cheesecake (!) and more within the 136 page paperback that cover a range of skill levels. Templates are included and the book will be available in Kindle format too.

colorful design examples in Quilling 20 Beautiful Designs quilling book

There are sections about quilling supplies, creating smooth outlines with card stock, and how to roll quilling strips using both a slotted quilling tool or just your fingers. (Sena is a finger roller, as evidenced by her trademark tightly coiled centers.)

detail of four quilled designs

 close up photos showing how to quill paper with tool and fingers

You'll also find close-up photos and written instructions for creating quilled shapes.
illustrations showing how to create quilled shapes

Quilled Animals 20 Cute Creatures to Coil and Shape by Diane Boden, quilling designer and co-owner of UK supply site, JJ Quilling, is a re-release of her whimsical 2015 book, Quilled Animals (Twenty to Make).

Quilled Animals quilling book cover showing quilled lion

As the popularity of quilling has surged in recent years, the sold out edition will be published once again with a new title and cover image (previously it featured an alpaca). Experienced quillers in search of fresh ideas will find an adorable menagerie of paper patterns within the 48 pages. Both paperback and Kindle format will be available.

cute quilled animals

There are sections that briefly cover tools and materials, as well as techniques. Some of the latter are new to me, such as pointed fringed flowers and long fringing. Each design includes fun details, and like Sena's, Diane's completed projects are examples of perfect quilling. 

quilling book contents list shown with quilled rabbit and carrot gift tags

She shows how to add dimension by layering elements, as seen here with Miss Hippo's flower, eye, and skirt, and the wings, head, legs, and curly tail of the super-cute flying pigs.

quilled hippo wearing skirt

three quilled flying pigs

So whether you're looking for a relaxing hobby during this stressful time or just need to feed your already established love of paper quilling, these books provide entertaining ideas. I can pretty much guarantee that spending an hour or two with a small stash of paper craft supplies will do wonders for your spirits.
Sena Runa's first quilling book is Quilling Art.

Quilling Art book cover shows quilled apple, sun, butterfly, flowers and more

Two of Diane Boden's previous titles are Beautiful Quilling Step-by Step and Miniature Quilling. Her quilled chocolates have proven to be extremely popular in the quilling world... wouldn't you be tempted to pop one into your mouth? They're incredibly realistic!

Beautiful Quilling Step-by-Step and Miniature Quilling book covers

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