How to Do On-Edge Quilled Lettering and Phrases

Cecelia Louie, author of the brand new E-book, Quilling Phrases, and I go back a long way thanks to our common interests in paper art and paper crafting. We bonded over quilling and blogging, and later, writing how-to books. I admire her spare designs in which each scroll and coil is placed just so, her skill as a graphic designer, and the way her mind works in being able to create clever 3D die cut models.

Quilling Phrases book cover with on-edge paper lettering and floral design

Today I'm happy to help Cecelia introduce her newest E-book, Quilling Phrases, via a generous worldwide giveaway - six winners total! [ENDED] Previous self-published titles are Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters, and Quilled Numbers. All four are available in the Paper Zen Etsy shop. She takes the mystery out of on-edge quilling! 


The Uppercase and Lowercase E-books are perfect for creating framed monograms, and Quilled Numbers is super for making birthday cards; more about them here.  



framed on-edge lettered phrase, the best things in life are not things

The expressions and layouts Cecelia features in the Quilling Phrases book are frameable, gift-worthy delights... if you can bear to part with your handiwork once you've completed the design. She takes you step-by-step through the process by showing exactly where to score, fold, or cut your paper strips, and how to shape the curves. You then glue each letter directly onto sturdy background paper that you've readied by tracing the layout.





The floral designs are all so pretty... recreate them exactly or arrange the elements as you like. I'm drawn to the slim, modern font with its uniquely short ascenders and descenders... something a bit different. 



bloom where you are planted quilled phrase layout

As Cecelia mentions in the video trailer, if you have a favorite phrase you would like to quill you'll be able to do that too... she explains how it is done. Additional phrase ideas are included.


quilling tools and materials


Cecelia goes over the types of paper she recommends, the tools and their uses, and shows how a letter's curves are shaped to match the pattern, as well as the best way to glue individual segments for a tidy look.


 hands showing paper strip being shaped on slim rod


You'll find more details about Quilling Phrases in the Etsy Paper Zen shop and on the Paper Zen blog, but right here and on Instagram (if you are registered over there) is where you can take a chance on winning the E-book. Yes, enter both places to double your chances!


To enter on this blog post:


1. Sign up for Cecelia's occasional e-newsletter via this direct link.

2. Post a comment below. Perhaps you'd like to share your favorite phrase?

Please include your email address within your comment (I know that's annoying; it means typing it twice - once with your name and once again in your comment). If you choose not to, I won't be able to see your address/notify you so be sure to check back in case you've won. You will then have two weeks to claim your E-book by emailing me - ann.b.martin at gmail dot com



framed on-edge quilled phrase, done is better than perfect

Winners will be chosen via a random number generator on Sunday, January 17 and announced on this post and on Instagram. Good luck!



Congratulations to Jarodsmom1, PatS, and Melissa.MaggieB
It's fun reading through the comments to see the quillable quotes 
people came up with... highly recommend!



This giveaway is not sponsored. I received a review copy of the E-book.

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  1. "Done is better than perfect" - something I need to remind myself of every day. Love Cecelia's work!

  2. ‘Perfect is the enemy of good’ and ‘done is better than perfect’ are vying for top place in my thoughts for this year. 😊

    I love her simple yet effective designs. What a great book!

    Young _ katharine at hotmail dot com

  3. Her tutorials are direct and easy to follow. The ones I've included on cards I make I get lots of complements.

  4. Definitly "Done is better than perfect" !! It's my mantra ! I love the clean style of Cecelia's quilling. severine dot juillet at gmail dot com

  5. I would love to learn how to get the lettering better.

  6. YOU are MY Sunshine!

  7. Cecelia's work is gorgeous, and I've picked up so many tips from her videos! Haven't worked up the nerve to attempt a project like this yet, but will get there someday.
    moosotheremail at yahoo dot com

  8. I, too, like Done is better than perfect! If I could create my own phrase, it would be "Trying Hard During Trying Times" because that sums everything up for me right now!

    I love Ceclia's work and I have 2 of her e-books already. Her video tutorials are nice and clear, too.

    msgould_ams at hotmail dot com

  9. I've recently discovered the art of paper quilling here in South Africa and winning this would absolutely be the best thing ever. It would help me tremendously in attempting larger scaled projects because Cecilia's tutorials are super easy to follow and I adore her work.

    kimera dot cellc at gmail dot com

  10. 'Kindness is a language deaf can hear and blind can see'... its my all time favorite quote!!
    I love Cecelia's works and thank you Ann for you blog. It has been pivotal in my papercraft and quilling journey! :)

  11. It was yourself that got my into the art of quilling.

  12. My phrase is, “people are like pockets, everyone needs them.”

  13. Family, where life begins and love never ends

    This would be amazing prize to win
    Emma Griffith

  14. Lorena24 at

  15. 'Family don't end with blood" From my fave show Supernatural!! I can't wait to try this!

  16. I am new to this and looking to improve my skills! Such beautiful work she does! I don’t have a quote thought up yet, but I will brainstorm :)

    Angi Johnson

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    My quote:
    Practice more, suck less—Austin Kleon

  18. I would love to win her book. I signed up for her newsletter and Youtube (I just watched more of her videos). Just from the promo video I feel I could learn a lot from her book. Thank you Pat S. email:

  19. "All dogs are good dogs." hrhdeanne at yahoo dot com

  20. My favorite? "Hush, be still". Thanks for the opportunity to have a copy of this lovely book.
    cockermama at gmail dot com.

  21. my favorite is "Done is better than perfect".Thank you so much, cameliacorina84 at gmail dot com

  22. In love with Cecilia's work! I haven't been successful at lettering with my quilling. I would love to do "A Heart Is Not Judged By How Much You Love But By How Much You Are Loved By Others."

  23. I love her work! I'm going to be looking at more of her tips today, I've been quilling for at least 30 years I just need to perfect it. and I think I've found out how. thank you Cecelia

  24. So beautiful! I would love to learn how to do this. Thanks for a chance to win the book.
    Pamela Haskin

  25. “Live, Laugh, Love” is an oldie but a goodie. Cecelia’s work is inspiring!

  26. Done is better than perfect.. I love you work

    Admiring from Guyana


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