Striking Contemporary Paper Earrings by Filigratti

Introducing those who enjoy creating with paper is something I love to do and when that paper artist happens to make quilled jewelry, well, my attention is definitely attracted. Niharika of Bengaluru, India and I met via Instagram where I admired her designs. She has an Etsy shop, Filigratti, that is well-stocked with many pretty choices - 75 to be exact!



silver and black quilled stud paper earring pair


The Filigratti shop motto is Don't just wear earrings, wear a work of art. Very true... life is short. Why not wear something beautiful every day? As Niharika says, "Quilled jewelry has a unique charm. The concentric layers of the coils impart a look that no other jewelry can emulate." 



circular gold paper quilled dangle earrings


All of her earrings are as light as a feather, yet durable. The fact that she often uses gilded edge paper means that many pairs have a realistic metallic shine. You'll find both dangle and post styles, and some are enhanced with small pearls. There is the choice of stainless steel or sterling silver findings. Niharika welcomes custom requests if you have a particular color or style in mind. 



pastel pink long boho quilled earring pair with pearls



I asked her to tell us about her artistic journey:

"I was always a very crafty kid (in a nice way!) which means I loved creating something artsy. Paper was the material I gravitated towards most often. Be it my parents' birthdays or anniversaries, I believed in making presents instead of buying them. I've made photo frames, pen stands, greeting cards, and cut out face masks."



rectangular gold minimalist quilled paper earrings


"I discovered the quilling technique serendipitously a few years ago. Every year I make a rakhi for my brother (Rakhi/ Rakshabandhan is an Indian festival that celebrates the bond between brother and sister. On this day sisters tie a decorated sacred thread called rakhi on their brother's wrist). When I was thinking of designs, I decided to cut a few strips of paper and paint them in different colours."



black and white boho statement quilled paper earring pair with pearl trim



"I rolled a few strips into tight coils, made a few teardrops and assembled the rakhi, embellishing it with rhinestones. I thought it was one of the best rakhis I had ever made. I also realized that I could use the paper strips to make so many other designs... I knew I would use this technique again."


white and gold orchid-like quilled paper earrings

"About a year later I came across a blog post on DIY earrings where the person had used paper strips to make teardrop dangles. I thought she had used my same method, but only after reading the post did I learn that it was an art known as quilling. 


Intrigued by the blog post, I bought myself a quilling kit to try out different designs using the tools. The simple method to create such a variety of designs addicted me, and since earrings are my favorite accessory I could not stop myself from creating."



pearl blue flower statement quilled earrings



"I started wondering if it was possible to build a business that sold handmade earrings... that's when I stumbled upon Etsy. I always had a secret desire to own a boutique business where I could earn money while enjoying the art of design. 


I believed it required a huge investment to build such a business, but with a platform like Etsy I could reach a worldwide audience for a fraction of the cost of a conventional business. More importantly, I could reach people who genuinely appreciate art and the effort that goes into making handmade creations."



quilled white and copper dangle paper earrings

"Even though I was excited to start a business, the challenge I faced was to make my paper jewelry sturdy and water resistant. I had to experiment with many varnishes and techniques. At one point I even considered giving up the idea of a business and just continue quilling as a hobby. However, with a lot of research and experimentation I found a way to make my jewelry durable."



pastel pink quilled earring pair with pearls



"I use a combination of two eco-friendly varnishes that lend strength and make the earrings resistant to water. I've since gone on to create hundreds of designs. I especially love creating statement pieces in boho, floral, and abstract genres with a minimalist feel."



pair of golden quilled paper dangle earrings


If you're on Instagram, a worldwide giveaway is on through Saturday, January 23. One lucky winner will receive their pick of any two pairs of earrings currently listed in the Filigratti shop. Such a nice prize! A pair for yourself and one to give as a Valentine's Day gift perhaps?

Another happy note: All Filigratti earrings are 15% off, January 19 through the 25th.

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  1. Beautiful work! Loved seeing these gorgeous and graceful earrings. Thanks for featuring this artist's work!

    1. So glad you enjoyed seeing Niharika's jewelry, Deb! I think she designs really pretty shapes.

  2. Niharika's earrings are so pretty! I'm headed over to her shop now to take a look. Thanks for featuring her.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Pamela. She has so many choices in the shop!

  3. Truly amazing creativity


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