How to Unleash Your Creativity with Paper Weaving

Searching for an enticing paper art or paper craft-themed pandemic distraction? Helen Hiebert's upcoming online class, Weave Through Winter, is just the ticket. Always a popular course, she is an excellent, thorough teacher - and paper artist and paper maker - who brings out the best in her students. The class is ideal for those who love the inspiration that comes from working with beautiful papers and connecting with others.


purple and patterned paper rectangular paper weaving


Helen describes it this way: "You'll create a daily practice while exploring a variety of papers and weaving techniques. Commit to an hour of creativity a day (more or less). Challenge yourself to share what you create (there will be prizes)! Stimulate your mind by finding, mixing and matching papers, and find satisfaction in the ordinary while creating something extraordinary. Join me as we weave our way through winter in 30 days."


five examples of paper weaving

Several years ago Helen challenged herself to create a paper weaving in about an hour each day for 100 days... no small task! It turned out to be something quite wonderful, as she began to see paper in new ways and didn't take time to judge herself - she was too busy creating. The best part perhaps, was that she found herself inventing new ways of weaving.

lighted woven paper pillar lantern


Even if you have participated in Weave Through Winter in the past, this year there will be new features including thirty inspiring prompts and four project-based lessons in which you'll learn to make structures to mount your weavings on... books, vessels, cards, and wall hangings. 


orange and white paper weaving

A pre-recorded video will be posted in the classroom each Monday beginning February 15, 2021 that introduces the week's lesson and you'll work at your own pace. Class members will interact through discussions, not in a live session.


blue, green, and white rectangular paper weaving

Use papers you already have on hand (paper savers, this is the perfect time to finally cut into those stashed beauties!) or order from paper supplier Washi Arts, who has put together a collection of fine Japanese decorative paper packs.

array of decorative papers


Get a taste of paper weaving with Helen by signing up for her free Zoom class. It will be broadcast on Thursday, January 28 (don't tarry, it's coming up fast). You'll make this pretty woven heart for Valentine's Day and hear about the course. If you can't make the actual class time, no worries, it will be recorded for later viewing provided you have signed up. [Edit: How to make a woven heart is now posted on YouTube.]

woven paper heart

Class details and a registration box are posted on the Weave Through Winter page on Helen's website. And of course if you're Down Under where Summer is in full swing, you are more than welcome to join in the fun too! On Instagram? Click over to take a chance on winning a seat in the class. This generous worldwide giveaway is underway through Saturday, January 30.  

This spotlight post and Instagram giveaway are sponsored by Helen Hiebert.

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