The Fascinating World of Paper Marbling

Coming up on thirteen years of writing about paper art and paper craft, but somehow paper marbling has never been featured here in any depth... how did that happen? A book about how to marble paper and also shops that sell a kit and small paper packs were found in the archives, but it's high time we meet an avid paper marbling artist who fell in love with the process due to its immediate visual appeal, Natali Pisante of Greece and Israel. I bet many of us can relate... it's the rare bird who wouldn't admire this beautiful example!

red, white and gold marbled paper sheet

Natali, whose main mediums are paper and photography, and I met via Instagram where I was drawn to the vibrant colors and patterns of her work. Her fascination with the versatility of paper marbling developed after watching an Ébru artist.



paint brushes displayed on marbled paper sheets


See this traditional Turkish process via a mesmerizing video in which paint is splattered onto water. Designs emerge as the artist lightly pulls a comb across the surface and draws with a skewer.




Natali says, "The art of water marbling traveled across continents and countries over the centuries. It requires endless practice to achieve a desired pattern or painting. Part of its appeal is that there cannot be two marbled papers that are the same."



marbled paper sheets in shades of blue and orange


She hosts online and in-person paper marbling workshops in Athens and Tel Aviv, and explained that because she spends time in two cities with exposure to different cultures, abundant inspiration is provided.



handmade sketchbook with marbled paper cover and stab binding


Natali mainly uses marbled papers to create hand stitched art journals, collages, and home decor. Sometimes she combines paper techniques, but for now her favorites are a combination of Ébru and contemporary paper marbling. 


three small sketchbooks with colorful marbled covers


Before entering the world of marbling, Natali worked with papier mâché, using it to create paper pulp stones, each with a 'living' fossil engraved on the surface. Here, the largest one shows a cedar tree pine cone, two have an olive tree branch, and the third is etched with eucalyptus leaves.



woven basket containing four paper pulp stones with etched fossil-like designs on surface


She advises: "As with all arts, the more you practice the more you will develop your own style and the more you will enjoy it. I never imagined being an artist. In fact, I studied International Relations and had a career in office management and translating. But art and crafts have always had a way of seeping back into my life."



smiling woman standing behind table with baskets of stone-shaped objects


Natali is on Instagram and Facebook.


blue, green, and red marbled paper sheet


If you would like to try your hand at paper marbling, it's experiencing a resurgence in popularity as evidenced by two very recent how-to books. Contemporary Paper Marbling: Design and Technique by Lucy McGrath and Making Marbled Paper: Paint Techniques & Patterns for Classic & Modern Marbleizing on Paper & Silk by Heather RJ Fletcher. Both have fine reviews.



covers of two book about how to do paper marbling

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