Stylish Unisex Gifts for Paper Lovers

If you're looking for a handmade gift for the paper lover in your life - or perhaps for your paper-loving self - I've rounded up unique items made by some of my favorite paper artists. While it's possible there won't be enough days between now and the 25th to receive an order depending on where you are in the world, they're all fine for gifting at any time of the year... except perhaps for these Twistmas Trees. 


four examples of Twistmas Tree perforated paper luminaire sculptures


Paul Spencer of Paul Spencer Art in Devon, UK creates a variety of beautifully understated paper sculptures... his limited edition luminaire Twistmas Trees are no exception. Each handmade sculpture is signed and numbered and will arrive in a customized presentation box with a certificate of authenticity and battery operated LED light. They will be available just through midnight GMT on December 15, 2023 so Shop Small quickly! Worldwide shipping is available.






Paul's all-white, perfectly sculpted Orb Series features three styles of full and half orbs. 


all-white paper sculpture star orb displayed on flat surface


You can see his available work here which includes these colorful 4 Multicolored Hemispheres. Follow Paul on Instagram for updates.


four colors of half circle balls composed of linear, on edge paper pieces mounted on white background


Melissa Schnaible in Ohio is a versatile paper artist who shows an array of lovely handbound books that are offered first come, first served on Instagram where she is @pendantpaper


three standing patterned covered books displayed on table

While she isn't making her adorable mini book ornaments this year, I suspect Melissa has a sketchbook or journal ready to ship that will please both the giver and recipient. 

hand displaying hardback book with handbinding and covered with dog print fabric


Kristin Joiner of Bess Paper Goods & Gifts in Cincinatti, Ohio's Reading Bridal District stocks her brick and mortar shop with all sorts of handmade treasures... clearly she has more hours in her day than the rest of us! But you needn't visit in person as Kristin's website has an online shop that offers home decor, letterpress items, gifts, crepe paper flowers and succulents, as well as wedding essentials. 

variety of crepe paper foliage plants and mushroom


She also has an Etsy shop, Bess Paper Goods & Gifts (formerly 622 Press) and you'll find her on Instagram.


four small paper succulent container gardens

I always marvel at the elegant dimensional on-edge paper art by Paulina M. Johnson of Colorado each time she shares her newest framed piece on Instagram.

bare trees on-edge paper art landscape

It's been fascinating to see Paulina's work evolve in the few years since it was originally featured here on All Things Paper. While she still relies on spare, but effective lines to create outdoor scenes, at times her art can be quite colorful and sometimes incorporates hand gilded strips. View Paulina's art in person at Pine Moon Fine Art in Steamboat Springs.

framed on-edge paper art landscape features river, cliffs, and mountains 
Ephemera artist Anandamayi Arnold of Lynx and Telescope is known for her carefully handcrafted Surprise Balls. Each realistic crepe paper sculpture contains ten tiny items... but who could bear to unwrap yards of multicolored crepe streamers to reveal them?!
baking tray filled with nine bright yellow custard pies
Pomegranates, lumps of coal, and tangerines are sold out for now, but keep an eye on her Instagram feed where she posts an update when a fresh supply of surprise balls is added to the shop. (Yes, egg custard dim sum and ice cream sundaes qualify as balls.  :-)
three ice cream sundaes with whipped cream and cherry on top, each displayed in a small pastels cups
Victoria Wellings of DBVW in Wolverhampton, UK is an illustrator who creates decorative paper pulp items by using off-cuts from her prints and garlands. Pretty anemone and leaf dishes, as well as illustrated bookmarks are examples. (oops, the leaves are temporarily sold out, but a new supply is underway and will be available after the first of the year.)  
paper pulp white anemone and green leaf trinket dishes
On Instagram Vicki is Design by VW (@_dbvw). She also has an Etsy shop. Contact her directly via her website to arrange shipping outside the UK.
handmade paper pulp illustrated bookmarks with tassels

Karen Canning in Toowoomba, Australia of Etsy shop studio fifty-three creates all sorts of novel things like wire art, clay tags and original fine art, but what caught my attention are her handsome, recycled book pear and apple sculptures. She offers free delivery, which is wonderful considering ATP's readers are scattered around the world, and is on Instagram.


recycled book art apples and pears displayed on stacked hardcover books alongside spool of twine


David Dunleavy of Apart From This, whose framed paper art was originally featured here on All Things Paper a number of years ago, continues to combine colors in ways that make the densely packed stacked strips enticing. Recently, he has been using wavy cut strips that bring additional dimension to some of his squares.


wavy cut paper strip art in shades of blue, pink, yellow, and orange

David often posts new work on Instagram where he can be contacted or via his website if you are interested in a particular finished piece or custom color palette.

stacked paper strip framed wall art in shades of pink, orange, yellow, and white


I recommend bookmarking this post because of course there are always other occasions for which special gifts will be appreciated during the year... birthdays, first anniversaries, and retirements to name a few. Keep in mind that some items shown here may have sold, but don't hesitate to check the artist's shop to find something similar - or different! - and contact him or her directly to inquire about placing an order.

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