Six Accomplished Paper Jewelry Artisans

It's time for a paper jewelry round up... one of my favorite types of posts to assemble. A few of these international jewelry creatives are new to me and this blog, while others have been featured previously, but continue to produce beautiful new designs. Enjoy this look at a diverse collection of handcrafted paper earrings, necklaces, and rings.
rose colored pair of patterned paper and pearl origami lily earrings
Jurate, an origami jewelry artist and graphic designer in the Netherlands, told me that as a child she was moved by the story of the Japanese girl, Sadako. A survivor of the Hiroshima bombing who later developed leukemia, Sadako was inspired by the legend of a thousand cranes. 
After gathering hundreds of paper sheets, Sadako began folding cranes, hoping for a miracle if she reached 1,000. The process and goal gave her spirits a needed lift and a purpose to her life. Some say when she died at 10 years of age she had not quite made it to 1,000, but the goal was reached with the help of her friends.


When Jurate relocated from Lithuania two years ago, she told me that the first animal she saw was a crane... I knew at that moment, I would make origami crane earrings. And that would be my purpose - to give hope and good spirits to others through my origami designs. I started with cranes and have added other animals and flowers since then.


pair of patterned paper origami crane threaders displayed on wooden box decorated with dried flowers

Jurate's website is Lucky Origami where she sells her elegant origami earrings that she creates with sustainable paper and sterling silver or 18K gold plated sterling silver findings. Her packaging is sublime as well. You'll also find her on Instagram, @lucky_origami.


From small and delicately folded to big and bold... just one of the many reasons I love paper jewelry - there are so many options and something for everyone no matter your fashion style!


brightly colored pair of dangle paper earrings with abstract print displayed on white plate

Jessica of Mama Maka in Italy creates a wide variety of appealing paper earrings... new designs are posted frequently. These vivid, resin-protected dangle earrings are bound to draw admiring glances throughout the spring and summer.


The green patterned earrings below feature folded fabric circles that make me think of fanciful skirts!

pair of green patterned paper and clear resin earrings decorated with folded fabric circles


While there isn't a Mama Maka website, Jessica can be contacted directly via Instagram or Facebook if you (understandably) spy a pair you can't resist.

pair of silver and black modern geometric quilled dangle earrings with silver earwires displayed with tulip and pearls

Niharika of Bengaluru, India has added pretty styles of quilled earrings to her Etsy shop, Filigratti that are formed to perfection. 


I love what she wrote in the About section of her shop: I have always been inclined towards artistic statement earrings more than clothes or shoes. I feel a pair of really stylish earrings draws focus to your face and that's where I want the attention to be.


pair of gold and black quilled butterfly earrings with gold findings displayed on octagonal tile next to tulip


You'll also find Filigratti on Facebook or Instagram.

vividly colored sculpted paper necklace composed of teardrop-shaped layered paper elements on modern silver necklace wire

Industrial designer Alejandra Epifani of Cartonpia in Palma, Spain creates colorful, modern jewelry that is inspired by nature. She collects discarded paper and cardboard from sources such as schools and offices, then sorts the material by color, soaks it in a water/glue bath, and compresses the mixture until it has dried to a wood-like consistency.


assortment of colorful layered paper rings with silver settings


Alejandra sells her unique collection in stores and markets, but worldwide shoppers can contact her via Instagram where her address is

pair of striped paper paper pendants, each on a thin, black necklace cord


U.K. artist Liz Hamman (first featured wayyyy back in 2009) is weaving beautiful textiles more often than making paper jewelry these days, but every now and then she posts a piece on Instagram to my delight. For example, these striking layered paper necklaces.


circular paper pendant with a stacked, on edge paper strip color gradation on thin, black necklace cord

I love the subtle crimps and color gradation of this pendant. Yes, the handmade cases are paper too! Liz works with watercolor paper and either paints the cases or applies textured card as the final layer. 
She mainly sells her work through the Macclesfield Silk Museum Shop, in exhibitions with the art group she belongs to, or to people who contact her directly. Reach her on Instagram where she is @lizhamman.

pair of patterned paper origami heart threader earrings displayed on fingers

LuluLeo in Berlin, Germany of Etsy's Lululeoschmuck makes a fun selection of origami earrings. These vibrant puffy hearts threaders are as cute as the pair of fruit earrings, below, that she created with metallic paper and copper. You'll also find whimsical origami hot air balloons, tiny rabbits, and more in her shop.

pair of 3D round origami fruit earrings made of metallic light gold paper with metal leaves and golden earwires

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    1. Totally agree, Bronwyn... thanks for commenting!

  2. Lovely selection of paper jewellery Ann, you have an eye for detail, style and design. I did enjoy and agree with Niharika's comment.


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