Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paperwork in 3D Exhibit - Emma Hardy

Last week I promised I'd be back with photos of my most favorite portion of the Paperwork in 3D exhibit at Vermont's Shelburne Museum...

Packages - Shelburne Museum

Packages (2010) by mixed media artist, Emma Hardy, is an installation in Kalkin House that I mentioned was originally a metal shipping container. An unusual space, it adds to the appeal of her work.

Emma studied Sculpture at the Wimbledon School of Art in London, and now resides in Colorado where she created the incredible sculptures with - believe it or not - brown paper and packing tape.

Packages - Shelburne Museum

Emma says the inspiration came after her mother suddenly passed away from heart failure, and Packages was created in her memory.

Packages - Shelburne Museum

The five uncannily realistic figures are modeled after people in Emma's tiny town. They're positioned near a paper bark-covered tree that serves as both the actual and representative heart of the installation. Viewers are encouraged to touch the sculptures and explore the space.

Packages - Shelburne Museum

Mirrors, both true-to-life and distortion, are embedded in the bark and a hollowed area of the trunk. Interestingly, the actual heartbeat of each person was recorded and installed inside their sculpture. Faint beats can be heard when in close proximity, and all five heartbeats are combined within the tree to suggest a collective consciousness.

Packages - Shelburne Museum

Because Emma herself says it best... "The five figures orbiting the tree represent our individuality and sometimes isolation within our community."

Packages - Shelburne Museum

"The idea stems from the fact that we all exist within our own "package" and can only know someone through their appearance and what they choose to present to the world. My intention is that an observer can relate to and find some commonality; perhaps they will find a reflection of themselves, a friend, a daughter, or parent."

Packages - Shelburne Museum

Here's a marvelous video that shows Emma at work.

At the opposite end of the exhibit space is another equally impressive installation by Emma. This one is titled Borneo Shipment (2011), and features flora and fauna of Borneo, the oldest rainforest in the world. Here's a sampling of the paper maché animals, which are as astonishing as the Packages figures.

Borneo Shipment - Shelburne Museum

Borneo Shipment -Shelburne Museum

Borneo Shipment - Shelburne Museum

Those feathers! That fur!

Paperwork in 3D closes on October 30, 2011.


SUGANTHI said...

Emma'a packages ,so incredible and it surely touches out heart. The birds and animals looks so real.

Maureen said...

Hardy's a marvelous artist. I find her "Packages" deeply moving, perhaps because of those heartbeats, use of which is inspired indeed.

Molly Smith said...

I saw your link on FB, I am going to share it. I cannot believe you saw this in person. This really puts passion into perspective. And her philosophic thought process to put this together is brilliant. Thanks for sharing your visit to the exhibition!

Kim said...

Whoa!!! Just... whoa!!!!

Carole Meisenhelter said...

absolutely incredible; what a talent.

lulu_ma said...

those work are great! I'm from Borneo! The hornbill we called 'burung kenyalang' in local malay language, and the ape-like animal is 'orang utan' which translates literally to 'man of the jungle'. ^_^

Yuenie said...

Wow. This is amazing! Everything is so lifelike it's unbelievable. Thanks for sharing Ann!


Kavya N said...

Wow... Thought it was made up of metal at first sight but later realised it was paper... She is a super talented lady!!

Cinderella11pm said...

That is incredible artwork!

Melissa said...

I don't know what to say other than WOW!!! Truly amazing works of art. I'd love to see it in person. Lucky you!

Baukje said...

very beautiful and a wonderful creation, I love it!
Greetings Baukje

Ann Martin said...

Thanks for your enthusiasm, everyone. I really do feel lucky to have seen the exhibit.

lulu_ma, I'm glad you posted all the way from Borneo - thanks for the info!

Esther said...

Those are amazing, both types but particularly the people.

Adrienne W said...

Incredible figures!
I visited Borneo last year and appreciate how real those creatures look.She's a talented lady.
Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...


Renn Oyong said...

Wowww....u hv a really great talent....
I can't take my eyes on it.
I just wonder how many day u finish this? Or maybe week or month?
Borneo Malaysia

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