Monday, April 30, 2012

Frank Ideas - Paper Necklaces

Sydney's Rowan Shaw of Frank Ideas makes all sorts of fashion accessories from unusual things like rubber and wool that are better seen than described - really, go see - but I'll be focusing on her paper jewelry.

Paper Necklace

Perhaps Rowan's necklaces are more avant-garde than many of us would wear on a daily basis, but they have a definite place on fashion runways, magazine pages, and for attention seekers, anywhere and everywhere.

Paper Necklace
This dramatic beauty brought Phantom of the Opera to mind.

I asked Rowan to tell us why she enjoys creating with paper:

...because of the colours and textures. As you can tell I'm quite eclectic, both in my taste and the materials I use for making jewellery. I find working with paper therapeutic when I'm in the right mood. You have to to be patient and gentle to create with paper and since most of my life is a chaotic flurry of activity, occasionally it's nice to take time to think and be quiet and work at a slower pace.

Paper Necklace
Paper string fringe and wooden beads in black and teal.

Paper Necklace
Ahhh, pea blossoms and early summer - I can't wait.

Paper Necklace
Touches of peach are surprising and pretty.

Rowan will soon be embarking on an adventure to the Australian outback in search of inspiration and ideas. Not to worry - incredible pieces are listed at Frank Ideas, ready to be posted while she's away.


mardijane said...

I would LOVE to wear one of these, they are so pretty! The texture in those petals is gorgeous.

xx Becoming Urban

SUGANTHI said...

THe paper sring fringe and wooden beads is my favourite, so stylish. I also loved the stuff in her shop. Such creativity!

Purvi said...

these are so unique :)

chillin with Quillin said...

wow these are so different, love them!!!

Maureen said...

Oh, these are great fun!

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Love the quirky designs!

Ann said...

interesting pieces but I could never see myself wearing anything like that. :)

Baukje said...

so sweet and so beautiful I love all your creations!
Greetings Baukje

Rowan said...

Ann I am thrilled and honoured that you have featured my work on your fabulous blog.
Thank you, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Ann, I love Frankie's art necklaces, they would be easy wearable pieces. Felt and paper are such versatile mediums.

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