Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Paper Delights at Anthropologie

Andrew Ritchie, the voice behind Martha Moments, a beautiful blog about all things Martha Stewart, was a featured guest on her television show in January... appropriately, the topic was blogging.

While in New York City for the filming, Andrew, a department manager of Toronto's Anthropologie, visited the company's largest store at Rockefeller Plaza, and also the downtown SoHo store. He wrote about his day here... so very interesting if you're a fan of the creativity that runs rampant in each Anthro store. Andrew has kindly shared display pictures with us that he took that day...

How about a fabulous paper mache peacock with its tail composed of bright orange chopstick wrappers and plastic spoons?! A meandering, scrolled wall design and nifty bird... A fab elephant and fish with layers of paper scales.And lastly, here's a very cool ostrich from Andrew's own Toronto store. Such clever people, those Anthro stylists!


  1. wow! this is some amazing stuff!
    i found your blog today and i have no idea how... but i am so happy that i did! you have a beautiful talent and i love love love your work, for what i have seen mostly... i will keep popping back from now on...

  2. Awesome, Ann!!! Love these pics, especially the peacock. So inspiring to me!

  3. Thanks for sharing, we don't have any Antropology stores where I live but I wish I could go when I see this!

  4. Amazing what a creative mind can come up with

  5. Hi Ann! Your blog is so lovely! I'm glad others enjoyed the photos! All the best to you - Andrew

  6. Aww, thanks everyone, I'm happy you enjoyed the post. Andrew, thanks again for sharing your pics.

  7. Wow - cool stuff! I had to click on each photo to enlarge it and really take a good look. That is my kind of art.

    An Anthropologie just opened near me. Honestly, I thought it was make-up and stuff. Just might have to check it out for the art, alone!

    Thanks Ann! (And Andrew!)

  8. hi Ann, I enjoyed the paper sculptures, how exciting!! Andrew is an inspiration!!


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