Stylish Origami Paper Lamp

Do you remember making folded paper fortune tellers when you were in grade school? They were quite the fad for a while, and my pals and I had a lot of fun inventing fortunes to write inside each little point. Here's an example of fortune tellers all grown up!

folded paper pendant light

Allison Patrick covered a simple paper lantern with the cootie catchers (as they are also called, ick and ha!) to great effect. The design reminds me of a beautiful origami tessellation, such as the one Ilan Garibi created for his Cube Lamp. Who would believe the sophistication of the end result?

If folding zillions of the eye-catching triangles doesn't sound like a good time to you, Allison sells the lamp in her Etsy shop, Aster + Quail. She offers it in two sizes, and has also created a lovely faceted drum shade from fortune tellers.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. I still see kids make and play with these fortune tellers . But this is so amazing.

  2. I loved making the fortune folded papers as a kid. Wish I had a few to see how close they were to actuality:) WOW is all I can say after seeing Allison's Etsy store. When I win the lottery tomorrow night I am buying the drum lamp! Thanks for sharing, Ann. xo

  3. Just excellent ! And the result is so sophisticated !

  4. I wonder how she stuck them to the lantern? I want to try it!

  5. I was interested in making or buying some of these for my restaurant. We are by the Ocean and usually have our doors open during lunch. We were concerned that the paper would yellow in the sun and also that they would be very difficult to clean (dust, occasional sauce might get on them). Any thoughts/suggestions?

    Thank you,

    Del Mar Rendezvous


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