Stylish Origami Paper Lamp

Do you remember making folded paper fortune tellers when you were in grade school? They were quite the fad for a while, and my pals and I had a lot of fun inventing fortunes to write inside each little point. Here's an example of fortune tellers all grown up!

folded paper pendant light

Allison Patrick covered a simple paper lantern with the cootie catchers (as they are also called, ick and ha!) to great effect. The design reminds me of a beautiful origami tessellation, such as the one Ilan Garibi created for his Cube Lamp. Who would believe the sophistication of the end result?

If folding zillions of the eye-catching triangles doesn't sound like a good time to you, Allison sells the lamp in her Etsy shop, Aster + Quail. She offers it in two sizes, and has also created a lovely faceted drum shade from fortune tellers.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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