Li-Chu Wu - Paper Jewelry Artist

I came across the work of Li-Chu Wu while googling paper jewelry and found her unusual designs to be nothing short of fascinating.

Li-Chu Wu Grassland Brooch
Grassland Brooch

The pieces are uniquely modern, composed of many concentric layers of high quality art paper, often set in silver. I can't help but marvel at the workmanship - how does she do this?! Laser, dies, by hand? Li-Chu describes her technique only as a combination of metalsmithing and new technologies.

Li-Chu Wu Ocean Necklace
Ocean Necklace

She studied Jewelry Design and Making in Taiwan and recently completed a Master in Jewelry and Silversmithing at Birmingham City University in England.

Li-Chu Pure ring
Pure Ring

Li-Chu was granted free workspace for a year at Design Studio in Birmingham where she is launching her career.

Li-Chu Wu Floral Necklace
Floral Necklace

Li-Chu Wu's website. She also blogs and is on Facebook.
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