Li-Chu Wu - Paper Jewelry Artist

I came across the work of Li-Chu Wu while googling paper jewelry and found her unusual designs to be nothing short of fascinating.

Li-Chu Wu Grassland Brooch
Grassland Brooch

The pieces are uniquely modern, composed of many concentric layers of high quality art paper, often set in silver. I can't help but marvel at the workmanship - how does she do this?! Laser, dies, by hand? Li-Chu describes her technique only as a combination of metalsmithing and new technologies.

Li-Chu Wu Ocean Necklace
Ocean Necklace

She studied Jewelry Design and Making in Taiwan and recently completed a Master in Jewelry and Silversmithing at Birmingham City University in England.

Li-Chu Pure ring
Pure Ring

Li-Chu was granted free workspace for a year at Design Studio in Birmingham where she is launching her career.

Li-Chu Wu Floral Necklace
Floral Necklace

Li-Chu Wu's website. She also blogs and is on Facebook.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Truly extraordinary.

    I couldn't help but think "fractals" when I saw the first image. Am going to look at her site.

  2. Truly amazing. I don't have a favourite , I like them all .

  3. OOooo... while they are all magnificent, the Ocean Necklace is my fave! LOVE it!!!!

  4. another amazing do they come up with their ideas??

  5. Wow! Just when I think that they can't come up with more interesting things to make out of paper, you show us new pictures and I'm amazed all over again. This is fabulous!

  6. what a beautiful creation!
    Greetings Baukje

  7. Fascinating, indeed! All those layers are just mesmerizing.

  8. wow this is just amazing cant believe that its!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Terrific!!!bravo! so dificult!!! and too beautifull! Kisses from Greece.

  10. Inspiring jewellery!!

  11. OMG! What an awesome artisan! Thanks for showcasing this amazing work. Yes, only superlatives will do for this artist!


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