Monday, June 23, 2014

Paper Sculpture by Eloise Corr Danch

Eloise Corr Danch was one of the first paper flower artists spotlighted on the blog back in 2009. A recent email about Flowering, a new show at Nancy Margolis Gallery in New York City that features a floor to ceiling column of Eloise's multi-colored blooms along with floral works by seven painters, prompted a catch-up visit to her website... she's been busy since that earlier post!


Waiting for Pearl 2014
hand-cut paper and mixed media installation
79 x 14 x 14 inches

While Eloise focused on painting and illustration early on in her career, now she mainly creates three dimensional paper flowers, dresses, and props for a variety of clients and publications. Enjoy these examples...

DuJour Spring 2013
photographer: Bruce Weber
Vogue China February 2013
photographer: Chris Craymer
  fashion stylist: Morgan Pilcher

Beautiful cut paper backdrops for Chico's Holiday 2014 and Bergdorf Goodman Spring 2013.

 photographer: Dewey Hicks
 photographer: Horacio Salinas

Store window displays that feature paper art are a favorite of New York City visitors.

 Macy's Herald Square Flower Show 2009
photographer: Richard Cadan
 Macy's Herald Square Christmas 2010
photographer: Richard Cadan

This is just one of the remarkable historical paper dresses Eloise has made. It was on display at Slash: Paper Under the Knife, a 2010 exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design in New York City.


More images at Eloise Corr Danch and see the way she cuts and shapes each flower by hand:


  1. Oh wow, beautiful work and nice to see her in action :-)

  2. Absolutely stunning! Loved watching her work.

  3. She is amazing! I love seeing all the examples (great photos) but the large colorful arrangements are gorgeous!

  4. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing this incredible talent and paper inspiration with us.

  5. These are so inspiring! Thanks for always having such lovely blog posts.

  6. Mesmerizing! I loved seeing her quiet contemplation and inspiration. Thank you Ann!

  7. I'm glad you all enjoyed the post - thanks for your comments.

  8. Thanks for the video Ann. inspiring artist!!!

  9. Beautiful artwork. Thank you for letting us see some examples.


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